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Marking a Patient as Discharged or Deceased

Marking as Discharged, will remove your patients from the “Active” list for when you’re running your Client List and will remove them from the Unscheduled Visit report.

Marking them as Deceased will remove them from both of these reports and will also mark them as “Do Not Email” so they will not receive any emails from Jane and will remove them from the Marketing List.

You can do this from the patient’s profile.

Make your way to their profile either through the slideout from their appointment or head to Patients, select the Patient’s Name on the left, and hit Edit/Settings.

Scroll down to the section right after the Phone Numbers & Address area, check on/turn on the Discharged or Deceased checkbox as appropriate, and hit Save.

Reactivating a Patient Profile:

If a patient returns for another course of treatment, or they were marked as discharged by accident, you can reverse this! Since all the client profiles are stored in a general pool, you’ll still be able to search for them under the Patients tab.

Once you pull up their profile, they’ll have a Discharged tag that looks like this:

Within the client’s profile, you’ll want to make sure to click on Edit/Settings and then scroll down and uncheck the Discharged checkbox.

Make sure to hit Save to confirm those changes and you’re all set!

Additional Notes:

Can I archive a patient or client that I no longer see?

You can Mark a Client Profile as Discharged to remove them from your Active Patients list and the Unscheduled Patients Report to “archive” them. Note that this does not hide their patient profile or archive them in a traditional sense.

If the client profile has no information or data attached to it (i.e. no charts, appointment history, billing history, etc), you can Delete a Patient Profile instead, if you need to.

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