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Adding a New Patient

Adding new patients to Jane is a snap! There are two ways to add a new patient to your account, depending on your staff permission levels.

Staff member with Full Access Permission

Full Access users can head to the Patients tab, click on New Patient towards the bottom left, and complete the form.

Staff member with Practitioner-Level Permission

📣 Please note, a Practitioner (Limited) staff member is not able to view or book patients they have not seen before, even if the patient is an existing patient of other practitioners at the clinic. For this reason, a Practitioner (Limited) staff member may need to create additional Patient Profiles for existing patients to book an appointment for them, or another staff member with a higher staff access level can book the appointment on behalf of the practitioner. Once the patient is booked in the practitioner’s schedule, the practitioner will be able to book future appointments for the patient. If a duplicate Patient Profile has been made by the Practitioner (Limited) staff member, a staff member with a higher staff access level can merge the Patient Profiles.

From the schedule, click on the date & time you would like to book the appointment. In the Appointment Panel, click on the New Patient button.

Quick note: the term Patient is customizable, so your account may say something different in the top blue bar, like Clients, Guests, etc. If you’d like to change how you refer to your patients, you can update this in Settings > Language.

Some Items to Fill Out Include:

  • First Name and Last Name (required)
  • Email Address
  • Basic Contact Info
  • Reminder & Notification Preferences - If the patient would like appointment reminders via SMS or email.

💡 Jane Tip: Patients are not automatically opted into SMS reminders when you create their profile. If a patient has consented to receive SMS reminders, you’ll want to check the boxes off when creating (or editing) their profile. They will also have the opportunity to opt in when booking an appointment online, when filling out their intake form, and in their My Account area.

  • Referral Info - If the patient has been referred to the clinic or a specific practitioner.
  • Marketing - Allows the patient to opt in to receiving marketing emails from your clinic

Saving & Sending a Welcome Email

Once you have entered all of the patient’s information you can Save their profile. If you have entered an email address, click the Save & Send Welcome Email button. This will send the patient an email, which gives them access to Jane’s online booking site. The welcome email is customizable under Settings > Language.

If you’re looking to customize the information provided by patients when creating their own profile online, head on over to our guide here for some help: Customizable Patient Sign Up Form Guide

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