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How to View and Print Appointments for a Patient (Past or Upcoming Appointments)

Jane keeps track of all past, present, and future appointments for your patients or clients right from their profiles.

NOTE📍: Printing the appointment history in this way will not include any billing information (payments or invoices). If you’re looking for a record that also shows payments, see this help doc on patient statements.

Administratively Viewing Appointments:

To view a list of past and upcoming appointments for a patient or client, you’ll want to head over to their Profile, then over to the Appointments tab within the profile:

There are a number of filters that you can use to narrow down or expand the information, depending on what you would like to see displayed:

5 States - You can use this filter to narrow down or expand the listed appointments based on the status of the appointment (i.e. cancelled, booked, rescheduled etc). You can select the specific states that you’re most interested in investigating.

Locations - If your clinic has more than one location, you can use this filter to narrow down the information to a specific location or include both of them.

Staff Member - For clinics with more than one practitioner, you may want to narrow down the appointments to just the ones they have or had with a specific staff member. This filter allows you to select one or multiple staff members if needed as well.

All Billing States - This filter allows you to narrow down the appointments based on whether they’re paid, partially paid, unpaid, uninvoiced etc.

Printing Past or Upcoming appointments:

Sometimes people just like to have an old-fashioned paper copy of their past or upcoming appointments. You can print out past and future appointments from the Patient’s or Client’s Profile with the Print button in the appointments area.

You will get Upcoming appointments by default, but you can use the toggle on the print view to switch to Past.

Alternatively, you can also easily build and email or print a statement, which will show all visits as well as pricing.

Viewing Appointment History in My Account:

If the patient logs in to their My Account area, they can also see all of their upcoming and past appointments there.

You can read more about what clients or patients are able to see in their My Account area here

We hope this has been helpful to you, but we’re just an email, call or chat away if you need some help with how to do this in Jane 💙

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