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We want your clients to have a great experience. So, in order to help you build a safe and inclusive space, we’ve added the option to include Pronouns in Jane for profiles (this means clients and staff too!). 💙

We’d like to note that this feature was based on the request to visibly identify the appropriate pronoun for a client on the administrative side of Jane. This means that Pronouns aren’t visible in any of Jane’s client-facing communications (like reminders or forms). Staff pronouns, however, can be viewed on the Online Booking site. We’ll get to that in a sec.

Let’s dive right in!


Intake Form

You can collect pronoun information on the intake form. To navigate to your intake form(s), click Settings > Intake Forms > create a new form, or edit an existing one.

Next, select the Profile Fields tab at the top of the form, and scroll down to the Pronouns field check box. Like all profile fields (other than the first name, last name, and email field which are all mandatory), this is an optional checkbox so you have the added flexibility of choosing which forms to include this in. You’ll just need to actively check this box to turn it on. Then, just be sure to save your form before leaving. It’s as simple as that! ✨

You can learn more about the basics of intake forms here.

We can preview our intake form to take a peek at what the client sees. Clients or staff will have the option of manually entering text into the Pronoun text field, or they can choose from a pre-populated drop-down list of options.

Client Sign Up

When a client first creates an online profile with your clinic, you can choose to display the Pronouns field to them. To customize this client sign up page, head to your Settings > Client Form Fields and ensure the Pronouns checkbox is enabled. You can read in more detail about customizing the Client Sign Up Form here.

My Account

Clinics have the option of allowing clients to specify their pronouns when logged into their My Account. To enable this setting, clinics can head to Settings > Clinic Info & Locations > Client Pronouns.

Clients and staff can also update or add their pronouns at any time by selecting the Contact Info tab in their My Account. It’s important to note that the Pronouns field will only appear if this setting has been enabled on the administrative side of Jane. Staff members will always have the option to update Pronouns administratively.

Displayed Pronoun Information

(Administratively Only)

Once the pronoun information is collected, Jane will display it in a few different spots administratively.

Client Profile

Pronouns will automatically be added to the client profile in the pronoun’s field. Of course, that field can be edited by the admin as well.

💡 You might be wondering what that little number to the right represents. There is a 20 limit character count in that field, so if you choose to type something administratively, Jane will let you know if you’ve reached your limit by counting down from 20.

Once saved, you’ll notice the pronoun sits adjacent to the client’s name at the top of their profile:

Client Chart

They will also appear at the top of your clients’ charts adjacent to their name.

Appointment Panel

The pronoun will be displayed on all appointments as well within the appointment panel.

Staff Profile and Online Booking

We’ve also added the option to add this to the staff profile!

Staff Pronouns are displayed online for your clients to view.


We’re always looking to build Jane into a helpful, friendly, and useful tool for your practice and your clients. If you have any feedback on how Jane could succeed in supporting you and your work we’d love to hear from you! You can email us directly using the “need help” button at the top of your Jane account or by emailing us at [email protected].

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