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Deleting a Patient or Client Profile

Note - If you have created two patients, and you thought: “Oh, I will just delete one.” WAIT! Hold that thought! Let me direct you to our Guide Document on Merging Patients.

Deleting a Patient / Client

You will only be able to delete a patient or client profile if they have no data attached to their name (i.e. appointments, charts, billing, etc).

Jane will give you a heads up when deleting the patient profile if there is any appointment, chart, or billing data present on the profile.

To delete a client profile, head into your Patients / Clients tab and click on the patient. Next, scroll to the bottom-left of their profile and click the arrow next to Edit. In the dropdown menu, click Delete Patient.

And just like that, the patient has been deleted!

If the profile cannot be deleted, and you do not want to merge it into another profile, you also have the option to mark the profile as discharged (inactive). These patient profiles will be removed from your “Active” list when you’re running your Patient List report, and will also be removed from the Unscheduled Visit report.

This can be done from the Patient Profile by selecting Edit / Settings and scrolling down to find the Discharged option.

What About Test Profiles?

Although it might be tempting to create a test profile, deleting this patient profile can get complicated if there is any data associated with the profile (think of all those fake appointments!)

Not to worry though! We also have a Demo Clinic you can play around with if you’d like to do some testing and not have it affect the data in your account. If you’re a current Jane user, you can find the login information by clicking the Need Help? Button in your account. This password is updated every Monday. You can also request the password by emailing [email protected].

We always recommend using the demo clinic for testing and practice so that your own account stays nice and tidy. ✨

Additional Notes

Can I archive a patient that I no longer see?

You can Mark a Client Profile as Discharged to remove them from your Active Patients list and the Unscheduled Patients Report to “archive” them. Note that this does not hide their patient profile or archive them in a traditional sense.

Due to charting regulations across disciplines and regulatory bodies, some practitioners are required to retain the history they have with that client or patient for a period of time. If this is applicable to your discipline, then you’ll want to mark this patient or client as Discharged. For more information on how to do this in Jane, you can check out our Marking a Patient as Discharged or Deceased guide doc.

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