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Family Profiles - Online Booking & Intake Forms

Psst… did you know that with our Group Appointments feature, clients can book multiple people into a single session? This would be for sessions they want to attend together, like group counselling or a family chiro visit.

For more info, check out our guides on Group Appointments and Group Appointments: Client Experience

If a patient has been granted permission to Manage Bookings and Intake Forms for another other person using a Client Relationship, the person with this permission can:

  • Book upcoming appointments for the other person
  • See that person’s past appointment history at the clinic
  • Fill out new intake forms for the other person
  • See that person’s past, completed intake forms

You can learn more about the individual permissions a clinic can set up between patients on our Client Relationships guide.

Booking an Appointment For a Family Member

The workflow for booking an appointment on behalf of a family member is just like a patient booking an appointment for themselves.

The only difference is when they select an appointment time and press the Complete Booking button, Jane will then ask who they are booking the appointment for.

Jane will list all family members (including the patient) in the patient’s drop down:

A patient can also book multiple appointments at once for the whole family!

A handy way to do so is by using the Book More button before confirming their first booking.

Filling Out a Family Member’s Intake Form

Let’s use another example.

Thomas, a patient, books an appointment for his daughter Addison and an appointment for himself online through his profile.

Now let’s say that this is the first time either of them have booked an appointment at your clinic.

If your clinic has set up an intake form to go out automatically when a new patient books, then Jane would prompt both patients to fill out an intake form.

Since Thomas booked the appointment on behalf of Addison, he is able to see her pending intake form after booking the visit as well as in the Intake Forms area on his My Account page:

Thomas can also fill out Addison’s intake form from his profile by clicking the Fill Out Intake Form button.

When he does this, Jane will let him know that he is filling out an intake form for Addison.

For a refresher on Jane’s Online Intake Forms, click here.

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As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. :)

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