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Cancel or Remove an Appointment from the Schedule

Appointment cancellations happen for a variety of reasons, Jane makes it easy to accurately track these in your schedule. You can cancel or delete one appointment at a time, or you can delete multiple appointments for a patient at once.

Cancel or Delete a Single Appointment

If you have a single appointment on the schedule that you need to cancel, this can be done right inside the Appointment panel.

Note: To cancel or remove an appointment, the appointment cannot be marked as “Arrived”. If you have Arrived the visit, you’ll just need to un-arrive the appointment first. You can do this by clicking on the Arrive button again so it is no longer green!

Now, let’s get your schedule in order!

  • Click on the appointment you need to update, then select Cancel/Delete

  • If it is a late cancellation, you can choose to set up cancellation fees to update the cost of the cancelled appointment
  • As you cancel an appointment, a pop-up will appear with a list of reasons to choose from
  • Select the Reason for Cancellation and then Save and Cancel Appointment

Note: You can customize these reasons by heading to Settings > Language > Admin Site: Cancellation Reasons. You also have the option of selecting “Other Reason” which will let you include custom reasons as needed.

Delete Multiple Appointments for a Patient

Please note: You can only delete multiple appointments from the recurring appointments window, you cannot cancel them.

  • Find an appointment for the patient on the schedule or from the patient’s profile
  • Click on the appointment and click the “»” button next to “Move” in the appointment panel

  • Check off “Show all upcoming appointments” at the top

  • Select the trash can next to each appointment to delete, alternatively click the “Delete X Bookings” button in the bottom left to delete all

Viewing Cancelled & Deleted Appointments on the Schedule

You can choose to hide Cancelled and Deleted appointments or keep them visible on your Schedule.

Cancelled and Deleted appointments will appear grey when visible:

You can choose to view or hide any Cancelled or Deleted appointments on your Schedule by clicking the Settings gear icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your Schedule and toggling on Cancelled and/or Deleted appointments.

Learn more here: Who was Cancelled or Deleted from the Schedule.


How can I book a new appointment, when the time slot has a Cancelled, Rescheduled, or Deleted appointment visible?

Option 1: Click the cogwheel icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your Schedule. Then, use the toggle to temporarily “hide” any Cancelled, Rescheduled, or Deleted appointments. Next, hop back to the schedule view and book the new appointment in the time slot as normal. When finished, you can return to the settings gear icon to toggle back on the Cancelled, Deleted, or Rescheduled appointment types if you prefer to keep them visible.

Option 2: The second option is to use Jane’s double booking mode. You can click the letter “D” on your keyboard to move over any Cancelled or Deleted appointments, and enable your double-booking feature. This will make space for the new appointment to be booked. To finish, click “D” again to disable the double booking feature, and everything will slide back into place!

Can I uncancel an appointment?

You sure can! If you cancelled an appointment by accident, or the client changed their mind, you can reverse a cancelled appointment by heading to the appointment panel and clicking the Uncancel button below the Booking Info section:

Jane tip: When you cancel an appointment, the client receives a cancellation notification 3 minutes later. If you uncancel a cancelled visit before the 3-minute mark, the cancellation notification will not be sent.

If someone booked the wrong type of appointment, can I change the appointment without cancelling and rebook it?

Yes absolutely! If someone has booked in for the wrong type of appointment, you can modify the type of appointment someone was scheduled for by clicking the Pencil icon on the Appointment Panel:

This could be if someone books a follow-up when they should have booked an initial treatment, or if you wanted to switch an in-person appointment to instead be offered over telehealth.

💡Pro tip: The pencil icon will be present if your appointment has not been marked as Arrived. If the appointment is Arrived, you may need to Unarrive it first, which may require you to temporarily unapply payment if you’ve received a payment already: Unapplying a Payment

We hope this has answered your questions! As always, we are happy to help if you run into any trouble. You can reach our team by emailing [email protected].

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