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Staff Member not Showing up on Schedule

So you’ve just added a new staff member, but they aren’t showing up on the schedule yet.

Here’s a couple of things to check!

1️⃣ Have you opted them into a discipline yet?

For practitioners to display on the schedule in Jane, they will need to be opted into a discipline. This will allow Jane to determine that the practitioner should be listed on the Schedule, and allow them to book shifts and appointments.

To opt the practitioner into their discipline, you can head to the Staff Tab on the top-blue bar, and from there select the staff member from the left-hand side of the staff list.

Note: If a staff member is not opted into a discipline they will be shown as an Administrative staff member. Since administrative staff do not perform/provide treatments or services, they will not display on the Schedule.

Once the staff member has been selected, you can select Edit/Settings under their name.

From here, you can select the Discipline that the practitioner falls under by selecting the check box beside their discipline. Hit Save in the bottom right to update.

2️⃣ Do they have Shifts set up yet?

If they do have a discipline assigned– double check on the left to see if they are displayed there.

If this staff member has a discipline assigned but does not have any shifts, annnd you have the “Staff Today” option selected–they won’t show up on the schedule.

If that’s the case, you will just want to create their shifts for them. I’ve demonstrated this in the GIF below, but here’s Guide on Shifts as well in case you wanted to check that out.

If neither of these seem to be the solution, feel free to reach out to us by clicking the Need Help? button in the top right of your Jane screen, just make sure that you provide us with enough information to look into the situation, such as the practitioner’s name.

If ever you need help with patient profile– you will want to avoid using their name or any identifiable information. Check out our Guide on Getting Help with Jane for more information!

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