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Setting up Staff and Adding a Staff Member to Your Jane Subscription

Okay, so you’ve added a New Staff Member to your Jane account, now what? Well first have yourself a little hoorah to celebrate! 🎉

And then, check out all the cool ways you can personalize the staff member’s settings and update your subscription:

Personalize Staff Member’s Settings

Staff profiles can be set up to reflect the unique way that each practitioner wants to interact with Jane.

You can personalize the staff member’s settings by clicking Edit/Settings at the top of the profile or Edit at the bottom (both buttons do the same thing):

This will open the Edit Staff Member screen which is divided into five areas.

Note: you will only have access to the Permissions & Commissions tab if your role is set as “Full Access”.

Personal Info

  • Name, Pronouns, Prefix, and Credentials: How does your staff member want to be addressed? This information will show up on the Online Booking site, if they’re a practitioner that offers online booking. Note that staff members are referred to by their legal names in Jane for insurance purposes, but you can edit a staff member’s Name fields to include their preferred name, if suitable.

  • Assign Discipline: This step is very important, as it’s required before you can begin setting up a practitioner’s schedule. When setting up each practitioner profile, you’ll need to assign the staff member to the discipline type they offer. With a full access account, you can Add New Disciplines in Settings > Disciplines.

📝 If the staff member you’re adding on file is an administrative staff member (IE front desk, office manager, etc), and is someone not seeing patients or clients, you will not need to assign a discipline toward that profile, and Jane will automatically ensure that their profile is set as Administrative 🎉

  • Contact Info: This is internal and will not be displayed on anything that’s public.

Photo & Bio

  • Photo: Upload a photo that will display throughout the admin side of your Jane account and to clients in online booking. Read our Guide doc for more details: How to Add a Profile Photo.
  • Bio: Write a bio that will display in online booking so clients can know more about your staff.


  • Notification Preferences: This is for emails being sent TO THE PRACTITIONER if appointments are booked or cancelled on their schedule.
  • Privacy & Sharing: This controls the way patient information is displayed when it’s sent to the practitioner (appointment notifications, calendar subscriptions, etc.) outside of Jane’s secure site.
  • Default Chart Privacy: Set who is able to access this staff member’s chart entries. You can override this setting on individual chart entries if necessary. Read more about that here.
  • Teleplan: In BC, you can set your Teleplan settings here. You will need to enter an MSP Practitioner Number. A Payee number is appropriate (leave blank to use a centralized clinic billing number) and choose your Opt-In or Soft/Hard Opt-Out status. See our Signing up for Teleplan for ways to manage what is displayed to patients.

Permissions & Commissions

Active: Click the “Active” box when you want a Staff Profile to be an active member on your Jane account.

Note: You can deactivate a practitioner when they go on leave or are no longer working at your clinic by unchecking this box. This will remove them from the admin site, filters and drop-down menus throughout Jane.

Role: Here, you’re able to restrict or grant certain permissions for the staff member. See below for more details on the various roles as well as this guide on Staff Access Levels.

In addition to the above access levels, you can individually opt each staff member in or out of the following three items:

  • View Charts Shared by Other Staff: This can be turned off completely for staff who have no reason to access charting - i.e. bookkeepers, interns, students, etc.
  • Manage Shifts: This can be turned off if your staff are not allowed to edit their own shifts.
  • Access Billing: This can be turned off completely for staff if you want to restrict them from seeing any billing data. Note: if this is unchecked, the user would not be able to receive or process payments.

Again, see more info on Access Levels here.


You can set the commission rate for staff. You have the option to set two different rates for services and two different rates for products. These will be populated based on the referral of the patient, so you can set one rate for patients referred to your clinic and a different rate for those referred to the practitioner directly. Referrals are tracked in the patient profile when you set up a new patient.

Navigate to our guide on Income Categories to learn more about compensation at different rates.

Add Staff ID Numbers

To add the staff member’s ID numbers onto their receipts and invoices, you’ll want to head into their Staff Profile > Billing and click on the Add button.

After entering in the ID Number, click the little blue checkmark to save the changes. Any numbers added here will automatically populate on receipts and invoices for the practitioner.

If you’re one of our US friends, check out this guide made specifically for clinics that require Insurance Specific ID Numbers.

Update Your Jane Subscription

The Account Owner can update check their plan and license count details within their Jane account.

To do so, head on over to Settings > Jane Subscription.

Once within your Account page, you will scroll to the bottom of the page and view your selected Plan and the number of licenses set for your account.

If this license count is incorrect you can contact us or edit the count directly by selecting the Change Subscription button.

Learn how licenses are calculated in the following guide: License Usage FAQ

Under the Plan you are subscribed to, click on the dropdown arrow beside the number of licenses and adjust to the number of licenses your account requires.

Ensure that you click on the Select button below the plan that you have changed and Jane will take care of the rest!

Still unsure? A Jane Support Team member is happy to help. You can always contact us or give us a call at +1-844-310-5263 if you have further questions :)

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