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Help! I'm A Practitioner But Keep Getting Logged In As A Patient

Are you having trouble logging in as a staff member? Does Jane think you’re a patient and not a practitioner? What gives?!

This is often caused by one of two scenarios but can easily be fixed.

First scenario: You don’t have a staff profile set up yet and have inadvertently created a patient profile that has your username set up as your email address.

What you’ll need to do here is set up a separate and unique username for your staff profile.

Any Full Access staff member on the account will be able to create a Staff Profile for you in Jane and then send you a Staff Welcome Email.

When you set up your staff account in Jane, you should make your login/username your email address or a unique username:

Once that’s created, you’ll see your My Account area looks a bit different with the added Staff options:

Second scenario: You already have a Staff Profile with a username (ie. michaelscott) but have forgotten what that username is so, in turn, you ended up creating a patient profile that now has your email address set as your username

If this is the case, you’ll first need to confirm what your staff profile username is; if you’ve forgotten your username for your staff profile, a Full Access staff member at your clinic should be able to confirm this for you by looking in your staff profile

If you’re a solo practitioner and the only staff member on the account, while we can’t provide you with your username, we can help you troubleshoot your sign-in! You can send an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 1 844 310-5263.

Once you have your username, you’ll want to log into the admin side of Jane by adding /admin to your URL

So for example, if your clinic booking URL is demo.janeapp.com or dundermifflin.janeapp.com, try logging in at demo.janeapp.com/admin or dundermifflin.janeapp.com/admin

“Well shoot, I somehow ended up with TWO patient profiles.”

Another thing worth mentioning here is that Jane will create a patient profile on your behalf - that’s linked to your staff profile - if and when you do something “patient-like” while logged into your staff account, such as booking an appointment.

This can cause some confusion down the road if you’ve already created a patient account for yourself (which is quite possible since you’re looking at this guide), especially if you actively use your patient account and profile to book appointments for yourself with another practitioner at your clinic, purchase products, etc.

That’ll give you a mean case of duplicate patient profiles. If that happens, you can quickly merge those two profiles.

To merge two patient profiles, just click on the Patients tab and type in and click on the name to highlight one of them

Hovering your cursor over the second/duplicate name, click on the + button

As soon as you click on that + sign next to the duplicate account, Jane will bring up the “Merge Patient Records” screen and prompt you to choose which account you would like to make the primary record.

Since you have a Staff/Patient Profile, we will want to choose the option with the Staff Profile badge (note that Jane will combine the history both profiles have including charts, files, appointments, etc.)

Still getting stuck? Check out our troubleshooting guide I Can’t Log Into my Jane Account guide

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