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How to Change your Jane Account Website Address (URL)

Did you make a branding change and need to update the URL for your Jane online booking site? Our support team’s got you covered!

While this is a change that the support team would need to make on your behalf, let’s walk through the ins and outs.

To authorize the change, you’ll want to email us at [email protected] from the email address on the Account Owner’s profile and let us know the spelling that you want for your URL.

Friendly reminder, your Jane URL will be in the format of businessname.janeapp.com.

Not sure who the listed Account Owner is? Here is a guide that walks through how to find this information: How to Check Who’s Listed as the Account Owner

NOTE📍: While we can add a new URL to your account, we’re not able to remove the previous URL entirely. The previous URL will stay on as a secondary redirect just in case patients have it bookmarked in their browsers (or in their brains), and that way they won’t get lost in the transition.

Once we’ve given the green light that the new URL is ready to go, you can view it under the Settings tab, and scroll on the left sidebar menu to Branding.

Under the Online Booking Buttons & URL’s section, you’ll be able to view the primary URL for the clinic:

As always let us know if you need any help, or would like more information about this process! We’re just a few clicks away by using the “Need Help?” option in your Jane account.

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