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How to Add a Profile Photo

As more and more clients out there request online booking, clinics really want to make their online presence shine. One of the most effective yet simple ways to do that is to add profile photos for each practitioner’s profile in Jane.

The photo will show up on the admin side on the:

  • active user profile (top right corner of Jane identifying the current person who is logged in)
  • single-practitioner day sheet
  • clinic-wide schedule
  • staff profile

And depending on how you set up online booking, photos will show up alongside the:

  • list of practitioners for each clinic
  • list of practitioners for each treatment type
  • list of practitioners by discipline
  • list of treatments offered by an individual practitioner.

How to Add a Profile Photo

Staff can add their own profile or the Jane account owner with Full Access can do it. First, head to the Staff Profile and click “Edit/Settings” OR “Edit.”

Next, click Photo & Bio:

Here, you’ll see a box that prompts you to either drag & drop a photo into the box OR you can click “Select a Photo”, which will allow you to choose a file from your computer.

Once you upload a photo, make sure to click Save:

What’s the Best Image Size for Jane?

Jane wants to make this easy so any image you upload will automatically be scaled to look great. But here are a few really quick things you can do to make sure your images are in the best shape for these adjustments:

  • JPG and PNG files work best. The file size limit is 1MB.

  • Make sure your image has a “Portrait” layout. That means, the shape of the image is a vertical rectangle. Square photos (photos with 4 sides of equal length) or Landscape photos (longer in width than in height) have, in some cases, turned out looking warped, so if possible, use an image with a Portrait layout.

  • You also don’t want your image to be too small, too long, or too tall. The key factor to consider is the ratio of height to width. Try for an image size no smaller than 146x190 pixels. Images sized 300x391 pixels work well. And we’ve seen images sized 750x1000 pixels work well also. Many clinics use images 300-750 pixels wide. All of these variations work well in Jane as long as the height is about 25% more than the width.

And no worries! If you don’t get an image with the exact ratios described above, go ahead and upload what you have. Jane is an expert at making certain adjustments on the backend that in most cases produce a stunning profile image.

Most clinics find this sufficient and get beautiful profile photos uploaded into their online booking rather quickly. As always, let us know if you need a hand.

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