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Registration Numbers

You can enter any practitioner, provider, or license ID number in the Staff profile within the Billing tab in the Staff profile:

Within this I.D. Number area, you’re able to create a default set of I.D numbers - and you’re able to set up Insurer Specific I.D. Numbers as well.

The Insurers listed will be based on the Insurers you’ve created in your account, so you’re able to set up I.D. Numbers for each insurer of your choice:

Keep in mind, that when updating or adding I.D. numbers here - past appointments won’t be updated as the invoices have already been created.

You would either need to add custom text to the invoice by clicking on the blue text that says “patient invoice” from the schedule or the billing area:

And adding the number(s) in the Details area:

That will then show on the receipt when you re-print it.

Or you need to unarrive and re-arrive the appointment to re-generate the invoice.

If you’re in the U.S. and would like to learn more about setting up U.S. specific I.D. numbers, feel free to check out this guide here.

Additional Notes:

Have a staff member who is being supervised by another therapist, and you need the supervisor’s name and registration number to show up on receipts? We have just to workflow for you! Check out our guide on Supervising Therapist on Receipts for more detailed information.

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