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Income Categories (Compensation at Different Rates)

Often you will want to compensate your staff differently for different types of products. Income categories will allow you to both pay your staff a different rate and also to break down categories of income in your reporting. I probably shouldn’t be so excited about that, but I am.

This document will talk about the Setup, Adding Products or Treatments to a Category, and how you can Report on them.

Creating an Income Category

Income Categories can be found in your Settings Tab. As you probably know by now, you need to have a Full Access Staff Profile to get to this tab.

You default to two categories - Treatments and Products - but you can now choose to add more! Let’s take a look at adding an Orthotic Category.

Start by clicking on the “New Income Category” button. That just makes sense.

Give it a name and enter the most common commission percentage (you can alter it practitioner by practitioner in the next step if people get different rates).

The Referral Commission rate (so the bottom field there) is available for if you pay a different commission for patients that were set on their profile as being referred directly to that practitioner. Most people just pay the same rate whether the patient was referred directly or to the clinic in general so if you leave that blank it will automatically match the default rate. Do not put a zero here - Jane won’t let you anyway - but that would mean that you don’t want to pay your staff anything at all if the patient was directly referred, which I can’t imagine is the case :)

Once you click “Create Income Category” you will then get a list of all of your practitioners and you can choose to modify or customize practitioners one by one.

So the clinic owner can make 100% of their orthotic sales, while an associate might make 50%. So fancy.

Adding Products or Treatments to an Income Category

When you create a treatment or a product (or view any existing treatments or products) there is a field in which you can assign it to an income category.

For Treatments it’s just below price and above colour choice:

And for Products it’s here:

By default your products all belong to the Product Income Category and your Treatments to your Treatment Income Category.

You can not create a product or a treatment without assigning it to a Category.


Income Categories show up on a number of your reports.

Compensation Reports

Perhaps most obviously, Income Categories will display on your compensation reports. They will show you for the reporting period how much the practitioner sold in each category and then do the calculation of the appropriate percentage.

Here’s how the overview breakdown might look:

And the corresponding compensation area:

In this case the referred to areas are all blank because Susan didn’t receive payment from anyone who had been referred to her directly.

Summary Reports

Your Summary Report will also break down your income over time into categories. You can run the Summary Report for the whole clinic, a location, or a certain staff member.

Sales Reports

The Sales Report can also be filtered down to income category so you can run detailed reporting by category. So you can see just how many Orthotics you’ve sold over a time period with a breakdown of each patient. Or just see all the Labs for which you’ve invoiced.

Product Performance Report

If you are working with this report within Jane, you will be able to filter between Appointments and Product sales. However, the data is also filterable by Income Category if you were to export the report to a spreadsheet file — there will be an additional “Income Category” column which you can use to sort and analyze the information further. This will allow you to review your profit by category and see how much you’ve sold or how popular certain categories of treatments are.

Okay - have fun categorizing!

Additional Notes:

The Compensation Report can only calculate a set commission on the sum of sales by a staff member. Commissions in Jane come from a Staff Member’s Profile, under their Permissions and Commissions area. This is calculated based on a split or a percentage of their total sales.

If your clinic uses a different compensation model like tiered rates, flat rates, or hourly punch-in punch-out rates, those commissions will need to be tracked and calculated outside of Jane.

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