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Exporting Reports and Customizing them in Excel

It seems like everyone works with their reports and data in a different way. I often have clinics asking for a very specific report “Patients who have been seen in the last 3 months with a birthday in August and a first name that starts with J”. Well, that’s a bit extreme, but reports do tend to be managed very differently in every practice.

So while Jane doesn’t want to clutter the reports area with reports that aren’t used by the general population, we do offer an export to Excel option on the majority of our reports, from patient demographics to financial reports. And the reason for this? Excel is a master at manipulating data.

We have a bit of an Excel crush around here. And if you can master just a couple of basic Excel functions, you’ll never feel more empowered in getting the exact info you want.

1. Export and Download Jane Reports

To export a report, you’ll want to head over to the Reports tab and select the report from the left-sidebar menu.

From there, you can click on the three horizontal black dots and select Export to Excel from the dropdown menu to initiate this process.

Another page will open up and you’ll want to click on the Download to XLSX to complete the file download.

With the report exported, we’re ready to dive into how you can customize and filter the data 🤿

2. Sort and Filter

Excel filters are a quick and powerful way of sorting data and filtering the data to get only specific items. I recommend that you start by highlighting the column names (the top row) and then selecting the Filter option:

Once the filter option is applied to the column names, you can click the drop-down option to open the filter window.

With the filter window open, you can select how you want to sort the data, and also select which items that you want to filter. In the example below, I’ve selected all the appointments with the word “Initial”:

For more information, check out this help document from Microsoft about how to use the sort & filter functionality.

3. Remove Duplicates

Another awesome and basic function is taking out any exact matches.

Here’s another help document from Microsoft on how to remove duplicates or matching fields.

4. Autosum

Letting Excel do the addition for you. This is another basic and super useful function when working with financial exports.

Here’s the help document from Microsoft explaining how to use that feature.

5. Pivot tables

Pivot tables are awesome. If you’re looking to understand your Jane Reports (like say, find out how many new patient visits you had in each of the last 12 months) there is no better tool in Excel than pivot tables. If you’re at all inclined to number nerdery, our tutorial on Pivot tables might be for you! Or talk to your friendly neighbourhood Excel wizard (a.k.a. your accountant) for more assistance!

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