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Unscheduled Patient Report

Patient compliance. One of the hardest things for a clinic to manage. No worries, Jane’s here to lend a helping hand at getting those clients back in for their continued care.

This report ensures that you are aware of which clients are not booking appointments into the future, or to recall which patients haven’t yet booked in for a future visit.

To view it, follow me over to your Reports tab on the top blue bar, and click Unscheduled Patient Report (Last Visit)


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How It Works

By default, Jane will display a list of all patients that have had their last visit within the specified period of time for each staff member. This means, that if a patient had seen Staff Members A and B, but not C, they will show up on the reports for both Staff A and B.

There is also the option to toggle the report by Last Visit to the Clinic Only, which will look for a patient’s last visit across the entire clinic. So if a patient had seen Staff A on December 1st, and Staff B on December 15th, the appointment with Staff B was the most recent. Therefore, the patient will only show up a single time on the report under Staff B for December 15th.

Across the top you are also able to filter for specific date ranges, return visit reminder status, as well as the state of the last visit.

From here you can add a Return Visit Reminder to the patient profile or see if one has been set. The reminder is a gentle suggestions to follow up. To read more about these, check out our guide: Return Visit Reminders

If you filter the report by Staff Member, Jane will bring up the last visit a patient had with that particular staff member, even if they had seen a different provider more recently during the same period of time (provided the “last Visit to Clinic” toggle is disabled”).



If you mark a patient as discharged or deceased they will not appear on the Unscheduled Patient Report.

If you are having trouble finding a particular patient on this report, don’t forget to check whether they had any recently cancelled appointments. This report will also consider cancelled appointments when determining a client’s last visit and in turn have not rebooked, so a good way to confirm their last visit is to pop the Patient’s Profile > Appointments area and View All.

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