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The Practitioner Dashboard, Explained

Do you consider yourself a “numbers” person? If so, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

The Practitioner Dashboard was designed to present a collection of statistics about a staff member’s performance within a certain date range in a simple and visually-appealing way.

Hopefully, these numbers will highlight areas of strength within your practice, as well as provide a better understanding of where one has room to improve.

This guide will walk through how to access the practitioner dashboard, as well as dive further into the type of information each of the individual metrics represent.

Accessing the Practitioner Dashboard

You will be able to bring up the practitioner dashboard by visiting the Day Sheet in the top lefthand side of the blue banner.

If you would like to change whether or not the dashboard is displayed when you visit the Day Sheet, you will be able to do so using the toggle in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Of course, once you go to click on one of your patient’s appointments for the day, Jane will bring up their chart notes in the main area as normal.

💡Did You Know? Privacy Mode (Shift + P) works when viewing the dashboard. Any patient names that are listed on the dashboard will be obfuscated in case you need to quickly hide any sensitive information.

You will also be able to access the dashboard via the Staff Profile area by clicking on the View Day Sheet / Dashboard button.

If you are a full-access user, you will also be able to view the dashboard of other providers at the clinic. You can learn more about this in our partner guide, The Practitioner Dashboard for Clinic Owners.

Metrics Breakdown

Now that we’ve made our way to the dashboard, it is time to learn a bit more about what each of the individual metrics are telling us.

💡Did You Know? If you hover over the question mark “?” bubble next to each metric, Jane will provide you with a quick refresher on what that particular number represents!

Primary Dashboard Metrics

The Primary Dashboard Metrics encompass those that are displayed at the top of the dashboard, including the data visualization of total patients for the period.

📍Total Patient Count

The total number of unique patients that have had an arrived appointment with the date range. The graph depicts the total number of clients during this period, broken down by new and returning clients.

If a patient had visited multiple times during the date range, and one of those visits was their first visit, they would be considered a New Patient for that date range.

Note: this is a slightly different metric than the “New Patients” figure displayed under the Patient Metrics section, since that value reflects patients who are new to the staff member (rather than new to the entire clinic).

However, if a patient had multiple visits within the date range and all of them were returning visits, they would be considered a Returning Patient.

📍Total Visits

The number of arrived appointments over the timeframe. This figure will include multiple appointments for the same patient.

In other words, if a particular patient had visited three times during the last month, the total visits count would be increased by 3.


The percentage of time that the practitioner has spent seeing patients. This is officially calculated as:

(booked time) / (shift duration - break time)

  • Booked Time: Total amount of time that a practitioner has taken up physical space in their schedule. This includes both arrived and no show appointments, and excludes cancelled, deleted, or rescheduled appointments.

  • Shift Duration: The total duration of all of the scheduled shifts during the particular date range.

  • Break Time: Total amount of time blocked off by a break. Breaks are factored out of the calculation since a provider does not expect to be booked during a period that they have intentionally blocked as time off.

📍Total Billed

How much money was billed during the time frame. This is the total invoiced amount for both appointments and products for the patient (including insured invoices).

📍Total Collected

The amount of money that was collected in payments during the timeframe and put towards an outstanding invoices assigned to that staff member (applied payments).

Note: The Total Collected amount may not necessarily match the Total Billed amount for a period. This is because the provider may have invoices that have not yet been paid (and are still outstanding) OR the provider may have collected a payment that was applied to an invoice from outside of this date range.

These metrics are only available to staff who have their dashboard permissions set to Enabled with Financial Metrics

Signed Charts

The Charts component will show the distribution of the practitioner’s signed, drafted, and never started chart entries for any arrived appointments within the past 90 days. By clicking “View All” at the bottom, Jane will redirect you to your charts area so that you can finalize any incomplete entries.

Want to learn more about signing chart entries? Check out our guide on the Sign and Lock Workflow in Jane.

As well, you can identify your signed, drafted, and not started charts by heading into your Appointments Report and filtering by Chart Status.

Just note that this report will only show signed and draft chart entries that have been assigned an appointment either automatically when charting from the dashboard or manually when charting from a patient’s charts tab. Once a chart has been associated with an appointment, you’ll notice a new calendar icon displaying on your charts, letting you know that this chart is attached to an appointment.

This report would be a great resource if you are looking to see charts that you have not started. You can filter the report to “no chart” and get the list of the appointments. An appointment falls under the “Not started” category if there is no connected chart entry associated with that particular session.

If you’d like to learn more about the appointment report and appointment charting status, check out our guides on the Appointments Report & Charting Status for more information.

Top Treatments

The Top Treatments section will show the practitioner’s most frequently booked session types within the past 365 days, as well as a count for each of these session types.

If you would like to learn more about which specific clients had come in for these sessions, you’d want to check out the Appointments Report for more information.

Patient Metrics

The Patient Metrics area will provide further information on patient retention, including the average number of visits per client, as well at total number of new clients during the 365 date range.

  • The Average Visits Per Client metric is calculated by looking at the total number of arrived appointments divided by the number of unique patients from those appointments.

  • The New Clients metric checks to see how many clients have had their first visit with this particular staff member within the last 365 days. This is a slightly different metric than the new patients shown in the primary dashboard metrics visualization, since those numbers reflect patients who are new to the clinic (rather than practitioner-specific).

Top Patients

The Top Patients metric will display a list of your top 10 patients within the last 365 days.

By default, this list will display the ten patients who had the most number of appointments during the last 365 date range. Appointments that have been arrived or no showed will count towards this total, although those that have been cancelled, deleted, or rescheduled will not.

Additionally, appointments in both the past and future that have not been arrived will not be considered in this count.

If the Financial Metrics setting have been enabled for your staff account by the clinic owner, the Top Patients metric will be calculated based on the total value of all invoices billed (not collected) to the patient within the 365 period.

In addition to appointment invoices, this includes any product sales assigned to this staff member. This figure will also take into consideration the value of any insurer invoices for the particular patient.

Have a question about a particular metric on the dashboard? Feel free to reach out to us by email at [email protected], or by phone at +1 844-310-5263 (Mondays through Fridays, 6am to 5pm PST).

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