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Appointment Charting Status

Sometimes you would like to review your appointments or those in your clinic to see if there are any appointments that haven’t been documented.

As long as you are charting from the Day view or are ensuring that the appointment is selected when you create a chart note, then Jane will link the chart entry with the appointments. See this help document on the Sign and Lock Workflow.

If you’ve forgotten to chart from your day sheet, you can now assign your chart to an appointment, or change the appointment that it’s currently assigned to. Here’s how!

This will switch you to a list view of your day and will include a column that shows your charting status on that visit - but again, you will have to CREATE the chart entry from the Today view or have the correct appointment selected on the schedule for it to be tied to that appointment.

From the Appointment Report

You can also run the appointment report which includes a column that displays chart status.

This is found in the Report tab.

It can be filtered by date range and by practitioner and to search for appointments with just draft charts or no chart entries at all.

From the Staff Profile

Every Staff Profile also has a list of all chart entries created by that Staff member or assigned to that Staff member as an author.

If you just want to make sure that all your drafts are completed you can search from the Staff Profile and filter down to Drafts.

From the Dashboard

The Charts component of your Practitioner Dashboard will show the distribution of the practitioner’s signed, drafted, and never started chart entries for all arrived appointments within the past 90 days.

To access the practitioner dashboard, click the Day button in the upper-left corner of Jane, and then make sure the Dashboard toggle is on in the upper right corner.

Next, you can scroll down to see the Charts component. By clicking “View All” at the bottom, Jane will redirect you to your charting area so that you can finalize any incomplete entries.

Assigning a chart entry to an appointment

Ack, I filtered my appointments by “No Chart”, but when I go to look at the patient’s charts for that day it looks like I had completed a chart entry!

Jane will associate a chart with a particular appointment if the entry had been started from the practitioner’s Day Sheet. An appointment falls under the “No Chart” category if there is no connected chart entry associated with that particular session.

Since charts can also be started by visiting the patient’s Charts tab directly, Jane will not know for certain which appointment this is associated with.

If you’ve forgotten to chart from your day sheet, you can assign your chart to an appointment, or change the appointment that it’s currently assigned to from the drop-down at the top right corner of the entry.

Once a chart has been associated with an appointment, you’ll notice a new calendar icon displaying on your charts, letting you know that this chart is attached to an appointment.

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