Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Sign & Lock Charts

Signing and locking charts is part of the electronic charting workflow and affects how chart entries are finished and how any future changes are tracked.

The Workflow

New chart entries will begin in a draft state until you choose to “Sign” them. Signing a chart entry is your way of saying, “Hey, this entry is complete, and no more changes should be made to it.”

To sign a chart entry, choose your template and fill out your chart. Once you are done, click the blue Sign button at the bottom right:

Jane will ask if you are sure you want to enter the chart - click OK if you are sure!

Voila! Your chart is now signed with a digital timestamp and signature, and the padlock symbol will be closed.

If you need to make a change to a signed chart entry, you can enter an Amendment. This will indicate to any reader that the chart has been edited with a timestamp.

⭐️Note: You’ll need to sign & lock each chart individually, as there isn’t a way to sign multiple draft charts at once in Jane!

Additional Tips

In a patient’s chart tab, you can see if an entry is a draft or if it has been signed and locked at a quick glance.

You can upload an image of your signature which will be added to any signed, printed, or PDF chart entries. You can upload your signature in your Staff Profile > Edit / Settings > Settings.

You can view all charts you have authored in your staff profile and use the filters to display all your unsigned chart entries to know what you still need to finish up. You can use the date filter and filter charts that were started or signed on a specific day.

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