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Special Notes

A Note on Notes 😉

Notes only show up internally in Jane. Anytime you type something into a box labelled ‘Notes’ or with ‘Add Note…’ in the text box, you are creating an administrative note that will not appear on any patient-facing documents or communication.

These can be found on the Patient Profile, Appointment Panel, and Invoice window (as well as a few other places!).

Creating a Note

You can create a Note on an appointment by going to the Schedule and clicking on it to open the Appointment Panel. If you don’t see a text box, click on the word Notes and it will open.

Now you can type your Note and hit Add, and it will appear below showing who created the Note, when, and for which appointment.

This Note is only for this one appointment and will not appear on any of the patient’s future appointments.

From the Schedule, you can tell there is a Note on an appointment because a speech bubble icon will appear in the top right corner. When you hover your mouse over it, the Note itself will appear.

Deleting a Note

If you ever need to delete a note that was created in error or it’s no longer needed, you can delete it!

Within the Appointment Panel, you can click on the three horizontal black dots to the right of the note and select Delete from the options.

Keeping Notes on Future Appointments

If you want that Note to display on all appointments for this patient, click the star.

The star and the Note itself will turn orange, and that Note will now appear on all the patient’s future appointments. It will stay at the top of the list of Notes on any appointment with more than one Note attached and will also remain at the top of the list of Notes on the Patient’s profile.

Removing a Starred Note

When you no longer need a Note to be highlighted on every appointment, you can click the orange star and the Note will disappear. It will remain on the original appointment it was created for and you’ll be able to see it on the Patient’s Profile (listed under the date it was created).

Common Uses for Starred Notes

People use Notes for many reasons, but often it’s administrative such as “always late”, an important date you need everyone to be aware of, or specialty billing requirements.

Did you know you can turn a Note into a reminder? Learn all about Tasks and To-Dos in Jane!

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