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Setting Up Shifts

Jane’s Manage Shifts tool is the primary way to set up shifts in Jane. It’s a quick way to create a weekly shift schedule for multiple practitioners over a time frame that you’ve chosen. You can clear existing shift schedules, create new weekly schedules, or remove one day of availability for multiple staff — all in one place. 😍

This guide is broken down into the following steps with supporting videos.

You can run through them in order, or jump to a specific section below:

Or, feel free to hop on over to our FAQ guide doc if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for!

First, what are shifts, and why do they matter?

Shifts in Jane are very important because they dictate staff members’ availability, not only in the administration schedule of Jane but also in your online booking site if enabled.

In the admin schedule, shifts will show up with a light blue background. On the other hand, the ‘white space’ in the schedule represents the time that the staff member is unavailable.

💡 Depending on your clinic’s setting, Staff may or may not have the option of booking appointments outside of a shift in the administrative schedule. If you’d like to limit your staff from booking outside of shifts, please visit this guide document here.

When should I use Manage Shifts vs. Edit Individual Shifts?

There are two different tools to manage your schedule in Jane that serve two different purposes. The first tool is called, “Manage Shifts”, and the second tool is called, “Edit Individual Shifts”. Here is when you should use them:

If you’re looking to learn more about Editing Individual Shifts, you can access our guide document here.

Manage Shifts

Now that we understand the basics, let’s take some time to learn all about the Manage Shifts tool.

Let’s make our way over to the “Manage Shifts” tool.


First, click Schedule in the top left-hand corner so that you’re in your schedule view. Then, select the staff member whose shifts you’ll be creating from your staff list to the left.

Pro Tip: You can select multiple staff member’s names by hovering your mouse over their name and selecting the “+” icon.

Click the drop-down arrow next to the Shifts button in the top right-hand corner of your schedule. Finally, select “Manage Shifts” from the drop-down menu.

Jane will then display the Manage Shifts window, which will look like this.👇

This is where all the magic happens. ✨

Now that you have your Manage Shifts window open, let’s dive in!

Step 1: Set the date range 📆


In the top right-hand corner of your Manage Shifts window, you’ll find two date fields. The field to the left represents the start date, and the field to the right is the end date. Clicking into each field will bring up Jane’s date picker, where you can select a Year, Month, and Day.

The date range chosen will let Jane know to override your existing schedule to the new shift schedule you’re about to create to the left.

🔥 Hot tip: You can set up Shifts 5 years into the future! If you try to go further than 5 years from the date you’re creating the Shift schedule, Jane might revert the year back to the one you’re in now. Time travel is scary. 😉

We’ll be setting up your weekly shift schedule within the next step!

Step 2: Set up your availability 👱

To the left of your Manage Shifts window, you’ll find each day of the week. Choose a day that your practitioner works, and select the start time and end time of the shift you’re wanting to create. You’ll have the chance to copy this to other days of the week, but hang tight for now!

💡 Do not worry about extending your shift end time to accommodate for post-treatment time. We have a setting for that, and you can visit this guide to enable it. 😉

Before we move onto step 3, let’s take a look at a couple of common scenarios:

Scenario 1: One shift per day.



For massage therapists, mental health practitioners, physiotherapists, and other disciplines that only offer one shift per day, your shift availability may look something like this:

You can also create a split shift, by selecting “Add Times”, which will look something like this:

This is what a split shift will look like in your administrative schedule. Note that patients will not be offered times to book during any time that does not have a shift.


Scenario 2: Multiple shifts per day, or a split shift.



Some practitioners, like chiropractors and acupuncturists, may offer simultaneous bookings within different rooms on the same day, and stagger their start times. To create this type of availability, simply click “Add Times” to add a second shift within the same day. Your availability will then look something like this:

Similar to the first scenario, you can also create a split shift, by selecting “Add Times”, which will look something like this:

This lets Jane know that you offer two split shifts in a single day. You’re probably wondering, “How do I assign different rooms to my shifts?” Let’s hop on over to the next step to learn how. 👇

Step 3: Confirm your shift details ✔️

Rooms, Booking Options, Notes & Tags

💡 If you need to work with Rooms (to limit treatment availability), you’ll need to ensure your Advanced Scheduling is turned on first in order for these options to be available for you within the icon bar window.


Let’s go ahead and select our icon bar. From here, you can select each option that best suits your shift.

A. Rooms. In order to apply a room to a shift, you’ll need to have already set up your Rooms at your clinic. Rooms are completely optional and typically we would suggest working with rooms only if you’re booking multiple patients at the same time or on a stagger.

You may notice acupuncturists and chiropractors working with Rooms in Jane as we noted in Scenario 2 above. To learn more about rooms, click here.

B. You also have 3 Booking Options to choose from.

  • If you choose “Not Bookable Online”, then your shift availability will not show up online;
  • Selecting “Contact us to Book Online” will show your availability, but require that the patient contact the clinic for the opening times they see; and lastly,
  • We have “Bookable Online”, which will show this shift availability to your patients as options to book an appointment online.

C. If you’d like, you can also add a Note to your shift.

D. You’ll also find “Tags” within this modal if your advanced scheduling is turned on. Tags is an advanced scheduling option and limits your availability in Jane. If you’d like to learn more, you can click here, or reach out to our support team at [email protected].

Step 4: Repeat your weekly shift schedule 🔁


If your shift repeats throughout the week, simply use the copy icon and select the days of the week you want to copy these shifts to.

Then, select the blue “Copy Times” button to complete this action.

If you make a mistake, no problem! Just hit the “X” to the right of the shift to remove it. In fact, you can select the “X” at any time throughout this entire process to remove any shifts you’ve created that you no longer want.

⭐ Tip: Any details you set from your icon bar from Step 3 will copy over to your other shifts too! If you have created multiple shifts in one day— all of them will copy over. 🥳

Once a shift schedule is copied to other days of the week, you can always edit the start and end times of the copied shifts using the drop-down arrows. You can also update the online booking availability, tags, notes, or room scheduling for any given shift.

Step 5: Select your location and staff members 📍


You’re almost done! You’ll need to let Jane know the location and staff members that your new shift schedule will be applied to. If it was just the one staff member at your location, then you’re all set!

However, it may be that this same shift schedule applies to multiple staff members at your clinic. If so, you can check off the box adjacent to each staff member’s names and Jane will know to copy over this shift schedule to the staff selected.

See? Magic! ✨ 😍

❗ It’s important to note that any shifts previously created in your existing schedule over the same date range will be overridden by your new shift schedule, so just be sure that you’re A-okay with applying the new shift schedule before proceeding.

Alright— if you’re feeling good about how everything looks, let’s go ahead and select the Apply Shift Schedule button. You’ll have another chance to confirm this action in the next window.

Please read the pop-up box prior to clicking “Accept”.

Nice work! 🥳 You’ve now created multiple shifts, for multiple practitioners, for a time frame that you’ve chosen.

Step 6: Removing Shifts & Overriding Your Schedule✂️

Removing shifts will remove availability from your administrative schedule and your online booking site. You can remove shifts by clicking the “X” to the right of the shift:

Alternatively, saving an empty shift schedule is equivalent to removing all of your current shifts within the date range you’ve chosen.

This is an example of an empty shift schedule:

Just remember, whether you’ve selected the “X” to remove a shift, or there are no shifts at all: No Shift = No Availability.

So just be sure that you’re comfortable with an empty shift schedule before saving it.

To learn more, please visit our Setting Up Shifts FAQ, and scroll down to Section 3. Building On The Basics: Removing & Overriding Shift Availability. There are a number of scenarios we’ve created to help guide you through.

Great! You are now “in the know” with all things shifts. Time to celebrate! 🥳

Additional Resources

If you haven’t seen them already, we have a handful of guides to help you navigate your schedule and manage your shifts:

If you’ve been waiting for a feature that intentionally blocks off holidays, vacations, and any other calendar dates (rather than removing shifts to create a “white space”) we’d love to hear from you. Please email our support team to share with us what you envision for this feature. The details you provide will help us conceptualize this new feature in Jane.

In the meantime, we may suggest using the **Breaks.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Happy Scheduling!

The Jane Team 💙

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