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How to Book Services or Resources Without a Staff Member

If your clinic provides services to patients that do not require a practitioner in person, you might think the best way to set this up is by creating a staff profile for the service.

This would contribute to your license count and monthly subscription cost.

Not to worry though- we have an easy solution that won’t contribute to your monthly charges 🎉


Step 1 - Advanced Scheduling:

In order to set up the schedule as you need, you’ll want to make sure that Advanced Scheduling is enabled in your Jane account.

Select Settings in the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen. In the panel on the left-hand side of the page, select Schedule Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box to allow advanced scheduling.

Don’t forget to hit the blue Save button before navigating away.


Step 2 - Disciplines:

Next, we can create a discipline for the service. To do this, hop over to Settings> Disciplines > New Discipline.

Add the appropriate information for your discipline and hit the Create Discipline button.


Step 3 - Tags:

Now let’s ensure the correct services get booked into the designated shift when being booked online.

We’re going to create one tag per service offered. The tag(s) will then be added to one shift and the corresponding services offered.

To set these up we can stay within Settings and choose Tags on the left-hand side.

Select New Tag on the top right hand and name it after the new discipline (ie. the service) we just created.

Add the name of your tag, usually the name of the service, and hit the blue Create Tag button.


Step 4 - Rooms:

Now, we will select Rooms in the Settings panel on the left. From here, we will create a room for our service by clicking on New Room on the top right-hand side of the page.

Enter the name of your service, select your location, and click the Create Room button.


Step 5 - Create Treatments:

Select Treatments Classes & Group Bookings on the left-hand side of the page. From this page select the New Treatment button and create the treatments for your service.

At the bottom of the treatment, you are creating you will see the advanced scheduling field, toggle on the appropriate tag here. Be sure to hit the blue Create Treatment button before navigating away.


Step 6 - Enabling the Discipline:

Hop into Staff and select the staff members’ profile with which we will add on this service.

In their profile, select Edit/ Settings and toggle on the discipline you created for your service. Be sure to hit the blue Save button before navigating away.


Step 7 - Creating your Shifts:

Head to the Schedule in the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen and click on the schedule of the staff member you just edited.

Once here, select the Shifts button on the top right hand of the screen- it will illuminate in orange once you are in Shift mode.

Go into double booking mode by clicking the “D” on your keyboard. You should see all of your shifts slide to the left, making room for an additional shift.

💡 If this doesn’t work, we have a step-by-step guide on Enabling Double Booking in Jane.

When the space opens up, click in the blank space to the right of your existing shift to create a shift for your service.

In the New Shift window on the right-hand side of the screen, you can set up the parameters for your shift.

Be sure to select the room you created for the service, as well as to add the tag that was created.


Now you’re all set! 🥳 Your finished schedule might look something like this- allowing for one shift for your personal treatments with patients, and another shift for the service.  

Still have questions about setting this up? Feel free to contact our support team and we’d be happy to look through your account together to assist you 💙

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