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Allow Post-Treatment Time After Shift Ends

Jane has a fancy staff setting that allows staff members to run their post-treatment time (also known as ‘room reset time’, ‘room cleaning time’, etc.) after their shift ends. This allows patients to book in with them online even if the post-treatment time runs after the scheduled shift.

To navigate to this area, we’ll click into “Staff” in the top blue bar > Select the staff member on the left-hand side > Click “Edit/Settings” > Then, “Online Booking”.

Let’s scroll down, where we’ll find this setting, Allow Post-Treatment Time After Shift Ends:

Let’s take a look at a quick example where this setting as been enabled:

Susan’s shift ends at 5:00 PM. She offers a 60-minute massage that has a 15-minute post-treatment time (75-minutes total).

The latest time a patient can book online will be 4:00 PM. The treatment time will run from 4-5 PM, and the post-treatment time will run from 5:00 PM to 5:15 PM.

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