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Working With the Schedule

Whether you’re a practitioner or a clinic administrator, the schedule is one of the features you’ll probably use the most in Jane — but never fear, we’ve designed it to be super easy to use. In fact, if you’ve ever used any of the most popular web-based calendar systems, Jane’s schedule should be instantly familiar. Heck, you probably don’t even need to read this page. (But here it is as a reference, just in case…)

Schedule Overview

Access the schedule at any time by clicking on the “Schedule” tab at the top-left corner of your browser window. Here is a breakdown of the Schedule view:

The Schedule View

The main part of the schedule is a basic time table displaying appointments for a specific day or week.

To learn how to show appointments for a specific day and/or a specific practitioner, see “Navigating the Schedule” and “Displaying Practitioner Schedules” below.

In addition to appointments, the schedule also shows you the date(s) being viewed, the selected practitioner(s), the duration of the shifts belonging to the selected practitioner, the number of patients on the waitlist, and the current time.

The header above the schedule tells you what day/week is currently being displayed.

Practitioner List

This list shows all practitioners for a particular clinic location. Practitioners currently being displayed in the schedule are highlighted in blue.

Hovering over a practitioner name will reveal buttons to toggle the practitioner in the schedule and to display the practitioner’s profile.

Clicking a practitioner name will show a list of treatments offered by that practitioner.

The two items at the top of the practitioner list allow you to set the clinic location and narrow the practitioner list by discipline.


The “Reminders”, “Wait List”, and “Shifts” Buttons

  • “Reminders” displays a list of patients who requested phone reminders or who do not have an email address in the system.
  • “Wait List” reveals wait-listed patients for the practitioner and date currently shown in the schedule.
  • “Shifts” hides appointments and shows practitioner shifts in the schedule, which you can edit.

Schedule Navigation Toolbar

This handy toolbar contains a number of different buttons to display a specific day or week in the schedule.

Practitioner’s Day Sheet View

We understand that practitioners have slightly different needs when they are seeing clients. To help make practitioner’s workflow efficient, Jane has created a screen that allows staff members to schedule, chart, and accept payment all in one screen. To access the Day Sheet view, click the Day tab in the main menu.

Day/Week Views

The schedule can be viewed in one of two modes: Day View and Week View. The Day View shows you one or more practitioner’s schedules for a single day. The Week View displays the same information, but it shows seven days simultaneously in columns next to each other.

Previous/Today/Next Buttons

To skip back or ahead in the schedule, use the Previous and Next buttons. In Day View, you will be shown the previous/next day; in Week View, you will be shown the previous/next week.

To quickly skip to the current day’s schedule, click on the Today button, between “Previous” and “Next”.

Staff Today Button

The Staff Today button is the quickest way to see which practitioners have appointments today. Clicking this button will take you to the current day’s schedule, shown as Day View, with a separate column for each practitioner. Only practitioners with appointments today will be shown.

Date Picker (“Go To Date” button)

The fastest way to load a specific day or week in the past or future is to use the “Go To Date” button. Clicking this button will reveal a “date picker” pop up, with three months’ worth of dates to choose from.

By default, the months shown are last month, this month, and next month. To skip ahead to past or future months, use the arrow buttons in the top left and right corners of the date picker pop up.

If using the date picker from the Schedule view, Jane will display the availability of all staff members for the selected date. However, if you are in the Day view or the practitioner’s Day Sheet View, the date picker will only display availability for a single day for that practitioner. To display clinic-wide availability for a date in the future coming from the Day or Day Sheet View, simply select your date from the date picker and then click the hyperlink for that date at the top of the column for that day.

Jane will now redirect you to the Schedule view for your entire clinic for that date.

Zooming in on the Schedule

You can set your schedule zoom by accessing the Schedule Settings. You can do this by clicking the cogwheel in the bottom right corner of the schedule, and you should see some options for the Schedule Zoom:

Note, this will zoom things vertically and does not impact the horizontal scale of your appointments.

💡Pro Tip: Modifying the Schedule Zoom will also update the zoom in your Day sheet – excellent if you’re seeing patients in quick succession!

Displaying Practitioner Schedules

Using the Practitioner List

The practitioner list can be found to the left of the schedule.

To show a list of practitioners from a specific clinic location, select the location from the drop-down menu at the top of the list (only available for clinics with more than one location).

By default, the practitioner list shows you a complete list of practitioners from the selected location. To narrow the list by discipline, select the discipline from the drop-down menu above the list.

Show a Single Practitioner’s Schedule

Click on a practitioner’s name in the list to show their schedule. By default, the practitioner’s schedule will be shown in Week View.

Show Multiple Practitioners’ Schedules

You can view additional practitioners’ schedules by hovering over their name in the practitioner list and clicking on the “plus” symbol to display their schedule for the day/week.


Group Multiple Practitioners by Discipline

By default, Jane groups the staff in the schedule by Discipline. This is fantastic for multi-disciplinary clinics, however, you can disable this feature if you prefer. Simply click the “Gear” icon in the bottom right to toggle this feature.

Full Access users can rearrange the order in which the disciplines are displayed in the Schedule or Calendar.

In Settings > Disciplines, you can change the order of the list by clicking and dragging any discipline to a new position.

The order of disciplines in this list reflects the order in which they are listed in the Schedule with disciplines at the top of the list appearing first in the Schedule.

Showing and Editing Shifts

Practitioner shifts are represented by a light blue background colour in the schedule:

Jane users who book an appointment outside of the blue background colour will be given a warning that the appointment is outside the shift. Patients booking appointments online can not select an appointment time outside of a practitioner’s shift.

To Modify Shifts:

First, click on the Shifts button, then click to select the shift you want to modify. The Edit Shift pane will appear on the right.

Within the Edit Shift pane, you can set the following attributes:

  • Shift time
  • Shift repeat
  • Call to book (appointments are displayed online, but patients are prompted to call to book).
  • Bookable online

You can also quickly change the time of a shift by clicking on the shift block in the schedule grid and dragging it to a new time.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts you can use to navigate the Schedule more efficiently. You can view a full list of available shortcuts by clicking on your username on the top right corner, and selecting Keyboard Shortcuts.

Function Keyboard Shortcut
Search S
Today T
Staff Working Today Shift+T
Next Day/Week N
Previous Day/Week P
View [#] of Days 1 - 7
Shifts Shift+S
Wait List W


Displaying Staff Photos

By default, Jane displays staff member profile photos next to their name in the Schedule. Practitioners can upload a photo of themselves to Jane by opening their profile under the Staff tab and clicking Edit / Settings > Photo & Bio and using the Select Photo button under “Profile Photo”:

To turn off staff profile photos in your Schedule, click the cogwheel icon in the bottom-right of the Schedule:

And toggle off Staff Photos from the menu:

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