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Patient Privacy

Jane offers a few quick and easy features to keep your patient’s information confidential when working in areas where your screen might be visible to others.

❗️Did you notice that the patient names in your schedule went blurry/fuzzy? We promise it isn’t a glitch – sometimes clinics accidentally enable Privacy Mode by using our keyboard shortcut (Shift + P)! 🕵️

Privacy Mode

Privacy Mode was designed to be enabled when you need to be working with the patient immediately there and who can see your screen while rescheduling. If you step away from your screen, you’ll always want to also implement an administrative privacy policy, such as making sure your devices lock automatically or manually logging out.

Using Privacy Mode, Jane will hide client names in your schedule, while charting, and in your patient list by blurring them out. You can enable it by clicking the drop-down menu at the top right of your screen under your login name and selecting Enable Privacy.

Or the absolute fastest way (for when that patient walks around behind the desk!) is to use Shift + P on your keyboard to make the switch.

Here’s how it looks when enabled:

Your patient list is also blurred out.

Pro Tip: Hop over to our Keyboard Shortcuts guide to see all that Jane can do with just a few keystrokes :D

What is not blurred: Once you click into the Appointment panel, Jane displays the patient name at the top. This is because otherwise you wouldn’t know which appointment/patient you’re working with. If you couldn’t see any names at all, it would be all too easy to make a mistake.

Hitting refresh: Also, if you’re really not wanting to show any names, you won’t want to hit refresh here because Jane will disable privacy. If you do, however, and you need to blur the names again quickly, just hit Shift + P, and you’re all set.

Patient Names in Calendar Subscriptions and Staff Email Notifications

Another way to increase privacy for patients is ensuring that the booking notifications sent to staff and any calendar subscriptions of your appointments aren’t displaying full patient names.

Each staff member can set that individually in their Staff Profile.

Click Edit/Settings on the profile and head over to the Settings tab. You’ll find a drop-down in the “Privacy & Sharing” area where you can make the changes.

If you have just First Name, Last Initial selected for example, your booking notifications will look like this:

Okay! As always let us know if you have any questions or if you’re having any trouble getting your settings just the way you want them.

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