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Late Cancellations

We know cancellations and missed appointments can’t always be avoided, so we have a few features to make managing late cancellations a little bit easier. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in this guide:

Set Up

Late Cancelling and invoicing an appointment

FAQ & Feedback 💙

Let’s dive in!

Setting up Late Cancellation fees

You’ll want to start by setting up your Late Cancellation fees. This can be a percentage of the treatment price or a flat amount.

First, head to Settings on the top bar of Jane and select Fees from the Billing section:

You’ll see all of the No Show fees you’ve previously set up listed here. Click New Fee in the upper right corner:

Next, you’ll enter the details of your Late Cancellation fee.

Name: Start by naming the fee. Please note, this name will be visible on a client’s invoice.

💡 Jane tip: We highly recommend naming your fee “Late Cancellation - [Fee amount]” so that you will have no trouble choosing the right fee from the cancellation fee options.

Fee Type: For the Fee Type, you’ll want to choose Late Cancellation. (If you’re looking to set up your No Show Fees, you can click on this guide to learn more.)

Adjustment Type: Just like when you create a price adjustment, you have three options to choose from:

  1. Override: Use this if you would like to charge a flat rate for a late cancellation, regardless of the appointment cost.
  2. Percentage Discount: Use this if you would like to charge a percentage of the appointment cost, for example, 50%.
  3. Dollar discount: This option lets you add or subtract an amount from the total cost of the appointment. Here are two ways it can be used:
    • Charging the total cost of the visit: If we set the dollar discount to 0.00, it means that we are neither adding or subtracting an amount from the original cost of the appointment, so the client will be charged the full cost of the appointment with no adjustments.
    • Charging the full cost of the appointment plus an administrative fee: Let’s say that for a late cancellation, we charge the full cost of the appointment plus a 25$ administrative fee. In this case, what we choose as the value of our dollar discount will be subtracted from the full cost of the appointment. In order to add an amount (instead of subtracting one), we will need to enter a negative number into the Value field. In this case, we will enter -25 as the Value of our dollar discount. Here’s how this looks:

Value: This is where you enter either the flat rate you’d like to charge, the percentage discount, or the dollar discount.

Provider of Discount: If you’re using a percentage-based compensation for your staff, this option tells Jane whether you’d like the staff member to be compensated based on the original cost of the appointment, or based on the cost of the cancellation fee.

  • Clinic & Staff Member: Staff member is compensated based on the cost of the cancellation fee.
  • Clinic Only: Staff member is compensated based on the original cost of the appointment.

Once you have filled out these fields, click the blue Create Fee button in the lower right-hand corner:

Pro Tip: You can repeat this process to create as many different fee options as you like. You may wish to have one with an override of $0.00 in a case where you want to track the late cancellation but do not want to charge the client for the appointment.

(Optional) Updating your fees if you were using No Shows for Late Cancellations

Before we had the Late Cancellation feature, we recommended creating No Show fees so that clients could be charged a fee for a cancellation without enough notice.

If you’ve created No Show fees that you would like to change to Late Cancellation fees, here’s how you can edit them.

You’ll head to Settings on the top bar of Jane, and select Fees on the menu to the left:

Next, you can click Edit next to any No Show fee that you’d like to change into a Late Cancellation fee:

Then you can choose Late Cancellation as the fee type, and click Update Fee:

Late Cancelling an appointment

Whether you’re charging the client for the missed appointment or not, you’ll be able to mark this appointment as a late cancellation from the Schedule tab. From there, click on the appointment and then select the Cancel/Delete button on the appointment panel to the right.

Next, you’ll choose which Late Cancellation fee you’d like to use:

A pop-up will appear where you can choose your cancellation reason from the list we created in the previous section of this guide, or you can create a custom reason by selecting Other Reason:

Let’s move on to emailing the client their invoice and collecting payment for the Late Cancellation fee.

Emailing the client their invoice for the Late Cancellation fee

To send a client their outstanding invoice, start by clicking on their appointment either from the schedule or the client’s Appointments tab in their profile. Scroll down the appointment panel to the Billing Info section and click on the blue invoice:

Then you’ll click the Email button in the upper-right of this page to send off their invoice.

Collecting Payment for a Late Cancellation fee

Pay Balance Emails and Texts

Jane Payments users can send a Pay Balance Email or Text to a client from their profile which will prompt them for the total amount of any outstanding invoices:

For more information on Pay Balance Emails and Texts, you can check out our guide on Paying Balances Online.

Collecting payment administratively

If you’re collecting payment administratively, start by clicking on the client’s appointment either from the schedule or the client’s Appointments tab in their profile.

Next, you can scroll down and hover your mouse over the Billing Info section of the appointment panel to the right and click the blue View button:

From here, click the blue Pay button in the upper-right corner of this page and go through the regular payment workflow.

Un-cancelling an appointment

If you cancelled an appointment by accident, or the client changed their mind, not to worry! You can easily uncancel the appointment.

Start by navigating to the appointment panel and, underneath the Booking Info section, you’ll want to click the Uncancel button:

Pro Tip: When you cancel an appointment, the client receives a cancellation notification 3 minutes later. If you uncancel a cancelled visit before the 3-minute mark, the cancellation notification will not be sent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see an appointment on the schedule after I’ve cancelled it?

This likely has to do with your schedule settings. To change whether or not you want to see cancelled appointments on the schedule, you can click on the cogwheel in the lower right corner of the schedule:

You’ll see a list of appointment types and you can toggle them on if you want to see them on the schedule, or off if you want to hide them from the schedule:

Pro Tip: Some folks prefer to keep cancelled appointments toggled off so that they can easily book a different client into a cancelled time slot.

Can clients late cancel their own appointments?

No— right now, clients can only cancel their own visits online if they are not within the late cancellation period. If this is a feature you’re interested in, we’d love for you to add your vote and comments to this feature request.

Why don’t I see my late cancellation fees show up as an option when I click the cancel/delete button?

Good question! If you’ve set up your Late Cancellation Fees already, but don’t see them when you click the Cancel/Delete button on the appointment panel, then you’ll want to make sure you are within the late cancellation period.

For example, if you require 24-hours notice for cancellations, then Jane won’t show you your Late Cancellation Fees on an appointment that’s more than 24 hours in the future.

Can I see my Late Cancellations on a report?

All cancellations, late or otherwise, will show up on the Appointment Report when we filter the appointment state to display cancelled visits.

We do not currently have a filter to separate out Late Cancellations from other cancellations, but if you view an individual client’s profile, you’ll see that any cancelled appointment with an invoice is a Late Cancellation:

Jane Tip: There are two differences between a Late Cancellation and a regular cancellation. A Late Cancellation can only be done administratively and has an invoice associated with the appointment, while a regular cancellation can be done by a client or administratively, and has no associated invoice.

Do clients get a separate email for late cancellations?

No, if a client’s appointment is cancelled (regardless of when the cancellation occurs) and the cancellation is not reversed in 3 minutes, the client will receive the regular cancellation notification email.

To preview what the cancellation email looks like in your account, head to Settings > **select **Emails > choose Appointment Cancelled Notification from the drop-down menu.

If I uncancel an appointment, will the client receive a notification?

It depends on when you uncancel the appointment. If you cancel an appointment and then uncancel it within 3 minutes, a notification will not be sent.

If you uncancel an appointment more than 3 minutes after the appointment was cancelled, the client will receive the cancellation notification. They will not receive a notification that the cancellation has been undone.

Can I change the late cancellation fee without having to undo the cancellation?

Absolutely! Once you’ve chosen the Late Cancellation Fee from the appointment panel, you can change it by clicking on the name or amount of the fee in the Billing Info section of the appointment panel:

A pop-up will appear where you can edit the type of adjustment, the amount, and whether or not the staff member is compensated based on the adjusted price or the original appointment price. Don’t forget to hit Save when you’re done!

Feedback and Feature Requests

Here are a few Feature Requests we think many of you might have. We’d love it if you’d add your feedback by clicking on the links below so we can use it as we think about how to continue building on this feature:

Is there something else you think would make a helpful addition to this feature? We’d love to hear about it!

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