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Chapter 3: Payments

Jane University: Front-Desk Staff Training

💡Jane Tip: We recommend heading over to Jane’s Demo Clinic to practice as you learn! If you’re a current Jane user, you can find the login information by clicking the Need Help? Button in your account. This password is updated every Monday.

If you haven’t signed up with Jane just yet, you can find the login password by heading to the Jane Community Group on Facebook and clicking the Featured tab. You can also request the password by emailing [email protected].

We always recommend using the demo clinic for testing and practice so that your own account stays nice and tidy. ✨

Chapter 3: Accepting Payments

After making it through Chapter 2, you’re now an appointment booking pro! The next thing that we’ll want to learn is how to receive payments from your patients and record them in Jane. Jane’s billing is actually integrated into the main schedule. The “Pay” button lets you invoice or receive payments, and adding products or additional billing items happens right from the appointment screen.

To check out a client from the appointment page, you can start the process by clicking any blue Pay button, such as the one at the top of the appointment panel.

First up, here’s a quick video showing how easy taking a payment really is.

Basics of Receiving a Patient Payment:

Note: Speed up or slow down the video speed using the ⚙️ button inside the video player!

💡 Jane tip: You can toggle off the dark green paid colour by clicking on the cogwheel in the lower right corner of your schedule and then clicking the Differentiate Paid and Arrived States toggle.

Practice Drill 🏈

Time to try out receiving a payment at Jane’s Demo Clinic.


  • Go to the Demo Clinic Schedule and choose any unarrived appointment.
  • Click the Arrive button to generate the appointment invoice.
  • Once the visit has been arrived, click on the Pay button to open up the Receive Payment Screen.
  • The first payment screen displays all outstanding invoices on a patient’s account. If there are multiple outstanding invoices, you can use the corresponding checkboxes on the right to choose what is being paid at this time.
  • Click the Next button to record how the client is paying.
  • If a default payment method displays for the patient you selected, let’s remove this to start from scratch by clicking the X next to it.
  • Then click on the Add Payment Method button and select one from the list. A reminder that the top options are for Jane Payments options, and a clinics Manually Tracked payment methods display at the bottom. Don’t worry about charging someone’s card in Demo Clinic, the Jane Payments Demo Mode card numbers are all fake!
  • Finish by selecting the Email Receipt option.
  • We will now see a $ symbol on our chosen appointment in the schedule, and the appointment turns dark green!

Touchdown! 📣

💡Jane Tip: Sometimes you need to change the Payment Method recorded on a payment. Shoot - that was cash not e-transfer!

No problem. Click here to learn how :)

Accepting Payments with Jane Payments (In-App Processing):

If your clinic is working with Jane Payments, you’ll be able to store customer cards on file and process transactions directly inside of Jane!

Watch how to save a patient card on file, how to send e-invoices to customers for outstanding balances, and how to set up online booking pre-payments:

If you’re taking a payment and would like to save that payment method for future use, you can do that too! You’ll go through your regular workflow of accepting payment. On the last page, you’ll want to remove any pre-populated payment methods (if applicable) and click on the blue Add Payment Method text

From there, you can select Add New Credit Card and enter that patient or client’s card details.

When you manually enter a credit card onto a patient profile, Jane does require the postal or zip code associated with the card. Jane uses a North American-wide system called AVS, or the Address Verification System, as a layer of security, as well as to decrease the chance of a decline.

Make sure to hit the blue Save button to confirm this change.

Accepting Payments Using Your Jane Payments Terminal (In-Person Processing):

Jane offers a fully integrated Jane Payments Terminal. This means that you can initiate a payment in Jane, have your client pay on your Jane Payments Terminal (tap or insert their debit or credit card), and see that payment automatically recorded in Jane.

Clinics can also optionally save a credit card on file when a client taps, swipes, or inserts their card into the Jane Payments Terminal. To learn more, check out our guide Saving credit cards from the Jane Payments Terminal.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Terminal, you can do so directly from your Jane Account. Full-access users can click into Settings > Jane Payments and follow the simple step-by-step instructions in-app.

A quick heads up that the Jane Payments Terminal is available for Jane Payments users in 🇨🇦 Canada and 🇺🇸 the US (unavailable in the UK).

Once you’ve purchased your Jane Payments Terminal, feel free to hop on over to this guide to learn how to set up your terminal and receive payment.

If you need any help getting started, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected].

Finally, if you’d like to learn more and read up on our FAQs, you can visit our guide here.

How to Partially Pay a Patient Invoice:

Sandy Beach is checking out at the Jane Demo Clinic. She has an outstanding balance of $75 for her appointment but is only able to make a payment of $50 today. She plans to pay the remaining $25 balance at her next appointment.

Partially paying an invoice allows you to receive payment for only a portion of the patient invoice, leaving a balance for the patient to pay at a later date. At the check-out screen, the first page you see is a list of invoices to be paid by the patient. From here you can edit the amount you’re wanting to collect on that invoice.

In the video below, watch how we can collect a partial payment from Sandy:

💡Jane Tip: You can ask clients to pay their account balance using the Pay Balance email.

You will get an opportunity to add some custom messaging to the email to explain what you’re sending over:

When the patient opens the email, Jane gives them the opportunity to pay using a credit card. Handy!

Quiz Será Será - Chapter 3, Quiz 1

Invoice Adjustments & Discounts:

Let’s say you want to create or track special discounts or you treat clients on a sliding scale and you want Jane to remember their discount. Here’s how you would make those adjustments.

In this video, we create a 10% discount for any students who visit the Demo Clinic:

Practice Drill 🏈

Time to try out working with invoice adjustments at the Demo Clinic!


  • Go to the Schedule and click on any unarrived appointment.
  • Click the Arrive button to generate the appointment invoice.
  • Scroll down to the Billing Info section.
  • Hover over the billing information and click on the Adjustment button in blue.
  • Use the search bar to add the Friends & Family discount to this invoice!

Touchdown! 📣

Discoverin’ Jane like Quiztopher Columbus - Chapter 3, Quiz 2

Understanding Patient Credits & Owings:

Patient accounts will sometimes show a Credit or Owing balance and you might not be sure why they have this balance on their account.

Watch the video below for some tips on investigating:

How to Refund a Patient Payment:

Patient refunds happen inside the payments area of a patient profile. The first step is to unlink the payment from invoice using the broken chain link icon. Once unlinked, the “Refund” button will magically appear at the top-left of the payment screen, allowing you to refund the credit to the patient.

Watch this video for an example of how this works:

You’re a Quizzard, Harry. - Chapter 3, Quiz 3

Refunding a Product/Inventory Item:

When refunding an inventory or product purchase, there’s a two step work flow.

In this example Taylor Swift wants to return a yoga mat. First, Taylor will need to return the yoga mat to your clinic inventory. Once you have marked the product as refunded, you can refund the money back to Taylor.

Watch this process in action in the video below:

Feels like Quiz-mas! - Chapter 3, Quiz 4

💡Jane Tip: If the product was invoiced erroneously and no payment has been applied, select the Delete Purchase option to remove it from the patient’s account without creating a refund activity line.

You are on fire! Let’s move on to Chapter 4.

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