Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Importing to Jane

  • How to Import Data to Jane (Overview)

    Note 💡: Only staff members with Full Access to the Jane account are able to schedule an import. For more information on what each access level can do in an account, check out our Staff Access Levels guide for more details.

  • Basics of Importing to Jane

    The very best start to Jane comes from importing your data so that when you’re ready to start using Jane your patients, profiles, and past and future appointments are all ready to go. Bringing in your information really helps you feel at home!

  • Diving Deeper Into Importing to Jane

    Maybe you had a technical background before becoming a practitioner or perhaps you are a technical consultant hired to ensure that your client’s import goes as smoothly as possible. Either way, it sounds like you want to get a bit more detailed about importing to Jane.

  • Where Can You Import From? Our Software Import Guides

    Over our long history of importing data from other softwares into Jane, we’ve created a list of guide documents on importing from some of the most common softwares to help facilitate your transition onto Jane. This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you don’t see your software on the list, don...

  • Reviewing Import Data

    Before you do, we strongly recommend reviewing your files to ensure data is not missing or incorrectly placed in the wrong field.

  • After Your Import: What to Expect!

    Let’s start our Jane journey (say that five times fast!) together and walk through some of the common things.

  • Post Import FAQs

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get after an import.

  • Teleplan Transition

    If you are already billing Teleplan within BC for MSP or WSBC claims there will be claims that you have billed in your old system before moving to Jane.

  • Transitioning Your Patient Credits/Receivables to Jane

    Part of the transition from one Management Software to another is working with your outstanding credits/balances.

  • Jane to Jane Chart Transfer: A Detailed Guide

    Just looking for a quick FAQ on Jane to Jane Chart Transfers? Check out our Jane to Jane FAQ Page.

  • Jane to Jane Chart Transfer (Data Transfers) - FAQs

    Data Transfers are a way in which you can copy your charting data to another Jane account. Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions that we see that will hopefully help you on your journey!

  • Reassigning Appointments (Updating All Imported Appointments At Once)

    If you’d made it here, your import is complete and your appointments are listed with “Import” in front of the treatment name. Don’t worry this is totally normal.

  • Updating an Imported Appointment Individually

    You are almost done as you’ll need to change the appointments from the Imported Version to the version in Jane.

  • Time Zones, Big Data and Your Import

    So you’re in another time zone than Jane HQ or you’re providing a large data set, and you’re wondering how that affects your import or what changes you need to make for that.

  • Jane to Jane Chart Transfer (Data Transfers)

    This guide walks you through our Data Replication Tool in accounts, accessible by the Account Owner, which allows Account Owners to initiate chart transfers automatically for practitioners to another account.

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