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  • Is Jane PIPEDA compliant?

    Yes, Jane is PIPEDA compliant.

  • Is Jane GDPR compliant?

    Yes, Jane is GDPR-compliant.

  • Is Jane HIPAA compliant?

    Yes, Jane is HIPAA compliant.

  • FIPPA/FOIPPA for the BC Public Sector

    The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) sets out the access and privacy rights of individuals as they relate to the public sector.

  • Jane for BCACC Members

    In Jane, you can use the Intake Forms function to set up an electronic consent form that can be emailed to your client.

  • Privacy Compliance for Clinics in British Columbia

    You’re an allied health clinic operating in British Columbia. Maybe you’ve even read Jane’s breakdown of the privacy laws in Canada: PIPEDA and Other Privacy Laws in Canada.

  • Privacy: Compliance for Clinics in Alberta

    The legislation that is applicable to clinics in Alberta will depend on the type of practice that you’re running. Alberta’s Health Information Act is the most prescriptive legislation but it only applies to a select group of practitioners who are designated as “custodians” under the Act. For typi...

  • Privacy Compliance for Clinics in Ontario

    Ontario is unique for having passed provincial legislation specifically regarding the privacy of Personal Health Information (PHI) that has also been deemed “Substantially Similar” to federal law. There are many details clinics need to keep in mind and actions they need to take to become compliant.

  • PIPEDA and Other Privacy Laws in Canada

    If you’re looking for a bird’s eye view of privacy regulation in Canada and, more specifically, in your province, this Guide offers a quick look at data protection based on your location.

  • GDPR Consent Language

    Consent under GDPR refers to one thing: COLLECTING AND PROCESSING DATA. We recommend reading our document on this: GDPR Consent Rules. But to sum up, most clinics using Jane aren’t going to need consent to collect and process data. Instead, they will be documenting Article 6(f) and Article 9(1) o...

  • GDPR Consent Rules

    One of the most important things Jane users in the EU need to do to comply with GDPR is to Determine and DECLARE the legal basis on which they will process personal data.

  • GDPR and Jane in the EU and the UK

    It’s a great question because, as you know, the regulations officially took effect on May 25, 2018. In this article, we’ll go over some key features in Jane that relate to GDPR’s requirements, summarize those requirements of GDPR for health clinics, and provide a set of action items you can use t...

  • GDPR and Reminder Emails

    In most cases, you’re not going to need consent for reminders. Here’s why and how you can set your Jane account up as a health care provider:

  • HIPAA and Appointment Emails

    A question that sometimes comes up with regard to HIPAA compliance is whether email reminders and notifications are HIPAA compliant.

  • HIPAA and Marketing Emails

    The quick answers are: You can. They can. BUT……

  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

    This information is not a legal interpretation of the law and is not binding on the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This information is not intended to nor should it ever replace formal legal counsel.

  • Is Jane PCI-Compliant?

    Jane wants to protect ALL of your clinic data. This of course includes your patient health records, but it also includes credit card information. Every now and then a situation comes up where clinics or patients of clinics are concerned about how Jane stores credit card information, so we thought...

  • Protecting Patient Data

    We take privacy and security very seriously and so we’ve implemented multiple processes to ensure that everything is kept safe and secure. Though, we understand that you, as patients, may have some questions about how your data is stored in Jane, so here’s a list of our most-asked-about privacy a...

  • Online Appointments and Privacy Laws

    We’ve been very careful with designing Jane to ensure that all new features that are added, like Online Appointments, will comply with all Privacy Laws, in addition to each Standard Codes of Practice across multiple health professions.

  • Creating & Storing Compliant Clinical Notes

    A great question we are getting is how Jane helps clinics keep compliant clinical notes, charts, and medical records. We love to answer these because there’s so much to talk about. Have a look for yourself:

  • Working on a Shared Computer/Device

    If you’re sharing a device or computer in your clinic, it’s important to sign out/sign in when leaving or arriving at the computer.

  • Storing EU Data in Jane By Country

    List of Privacy Commissioners by country: http://archiv.dsb.gv.at/site/6280/default.aspx

  • Mailchimp Integration: A Troubleshooting Guide

    ​Every once in a while with changes to the code and full-on software updates, we see the communication between Jane and Mailchimp get disrupted. No fear, however! If you head to the integrations area of your Jane account, you can manually push an update to your mailing list with just the click o...

  • The U.S. Cures Act and Jane: Giving Your Patients Access to Their EHR

    Most of us are now aware that the ONC’s Interoperability and Information Blocking provision went into effect on April 5th, 2021. To summarize, the rule is designed to give patients and their healthcare providers secure access to health information. We’ve been getting many questions lately about t...

  • Security and Privacy Best Practices

    Especially with a shift to a more “online world”, privacy and security have been hot topics as of late. It’s so hard knowing if you’re secure enough and if there are any gaps that you may not be thinking about, so we wrote up this guide to go over a few best practices with Jane and in your clinic...

  • What is a SOC 2 report?

    Hi there, it’s Bri from the Privacy and Security Team here at Jane. Our team is responsible for ensuring the security of your data and the privacy of your patients. In fact, it’s what our team is dedicated to thinking about all the time. And it’s not just something we prioritize within our team, ...

  • Who should be the Jane Account Owner?

    You may be wondering - who should be listed as the Account Owner? Let’s talk about Account Ownership and what that entails.

  • Receiving Support Securely

    When calling into our support line, please ensure that you do not share sensitive patient information over the phone. Should you need to share a patient example for a profile you need assistance with, please use the patient initials and patient number located in the top right corner of the profile:

  • How To: Reset Your Jane Password

    Finding yourself logged out of Jane? Can't remember your password or username? Here are the high-level steps to get you back on track.
  • Jane's AI Principles

    As we explore the benefits of AI technology to help more helpers, we want to provide you with an understanding of our AI principles.

  • Staff Access Levels

    💡Heads up — this guide mentions some features that are not available on all plans. For more information, check out our pricing plans.

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