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FIPPA/FOIPPA for the BC Public Sector

What is FIPPA?

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) sets out the access and privacy rights of individuals as they relate to the public sector.

Does FIPPA Apply to You?

FIPPA is law for public bodies in British Columbia, such as hospitals, public universities and provincial ministries.

FIPPA will not apply to most private clinics and practitioners, but if you are uncertain if FIPPA applies to you, just let us know.

Options for Public Bodies Using Jane

Jane uses non-Canadian based tools for text reminder and verification. Here are the options for compliance with FIPPA:

1. Disabling SMS Reminders

If your organization absolutely wants all data to remain in Canada, you will need to disable text (SMS) reminders.

Public bodies are permitted under FIPPA to store personal information outside Canada if you obtain people’s consent. Instead of disabling SMS reminders, you’ll ask all of your patients to sign a consent form to receive text reminders from you (via Jane and Jane’s trusted partner, Twilio). You can build these consents into your existing messaging and intake forms.

Still Have Questions?

Have any questions about this guide or anything else related to privacy? Feel free to email Privacy and Security Support at [email protected] and we’d love to clarify anything you’re unsure on!

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