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Who should be the Jane Account Owner?

You may be wondering - who should be listed as the Account Owner? Let’s talk about Account Ownership and what that entails.

What Makes the Account Owner Profile Unique?

The most important thing to keep in mind about assigning an Account Owner is that as per Jane’s Terms of Use, the Account Owner is the legal custodian of data as as such, they can:

  • Be the sole point of contact at the clinic level for any requests related to the below (i.e. a practitioner requesting one of the below changes would need to work with the Account Owner of their clinic)
    • Authorize the Jane Team to make changes to the account, such as enabling beta features and updating settings within the account, like certain insurance settings.
    • Authorize the Jane Team to fulfil data requests. Should you ever need to delete or alter data in a way that you are unable to on your own, these requests can be sent to us by the Account Owner.
    • Transfer Ownership to another user should you no longer need to be listed as the Account Owner. This can be done within the account (steps to follow below!) but the Jane Team is more than happy to walk the Account Owner through these changes as well.

Additionally, this profile can:

  • Access the Jane Subscription area to update clinic contact information, make changes to the subscription, update the credit card on file, review subscription invoices, and make a payment.
  • Authorize data transfers between accounts and receive chart exports sent by the Jane Team.
  • Delete chart entries and intake forms, regardless of the author.

How do you Confirm and Modify the Account Owner?

Knowing all of this, you’ll want to ensure that the right person is listed as the Account Owner. As per Jane’s Terms of Use, the Account Owner is the legal custodian of the data and the Jane Team will only make changes to your account at the direction of the Account Owner.

To confirm who the Account Owner is, any Full Access user can check in Settings > Staff Permissions - the Account Owner will have a badge stating this next to their name. For users with a lower level of access than Full Access, they can see the Account Owner badge in the Staff tab only.

If that badge is next to the wrong name, here’s what you can do:

  • Step One: make sure that the actual Account Owner has a staff profile set up with an active email, username, and password and is able to access the Jane account. Any Full Access user can create a profile and send a Welcome Email.
  • Step Two: if you are listed as the Account Owner in error, click the blue Transfer Ownership text next to the correct person’s name:

What Should you do if you have Multiple Clinic Owners?

Jane requires a single Account Owner as the Jane Team’s point of contact. In the event that you have multiple clinic owners, we recommend having external agreements outside of Jane to communicate the ownership externally of the account, however, we are only able to work with that single point of contact on changes to the account.

How Should you Handle Account Owner Departure from Clinic?

There are two important steps to ensure a successful and smooth transition between Account Owners. Before departure from the clinic, the listed Account Owner should:

  1. Check Settings > Jane Subscription to verify that the credit card on file for the subscription is up to date. For instance, if they had been paying for the account and no longer will, they will want to work with the new Account Owner to have this updated.
  2. Transfer ownership to the new Account Owner. We recommend doing this prior to leaving the clinic to ensure the smoothest transition, and additionally, this allows this person’s profile to be deactivated should they no longer require access to the account.

What if the Currently Listed Account Owner No Longer Works at the Clinic?

Since only the listed Account Owner is able to transfer ownership within the account, the speediest resolution will be to work with that person to have ownership transferred (deactivating their profile after this if they should no longer have access).

But, we understand that sometimes these steps get missed during busy transitions! Keeping that in mind, if you’ve run into a situation where you need assistance transferring ownership, please reach out to us at [email protected] letting us know about the situation and why you are unable to have ownership transferred internally.

Jane takes the privacy of your patients and the security of customer data very seriously, so as the Account Owner is considered the custodian of data, we may require to see legal documentation such as a business license. As well, due to the complexity of these requests and the importance of ensuring that the correct Account Owner is listed, these requests may sometimes take a bit of time to complete.


Should you have any questions, you can direct those to [email protected]! We’d love to answer any questions you may have and chat about any concerns.

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