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Is Jane GDPR compliant?

Yes, Jane is GDPR-compliant.

Here’s more information about how Jane can help your clinic be GDPR-compliant:

Jane is Ready for GDPR

  • Jane has an in-house Data Protection Officer (DPO).

  • Jane conducted the appropriate system & business assessments to comply with GDPR.

  • We are in the process of updating our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

  • Data moves from your computer to our servers using 128 bit encryption and is stored on our servers using 256 bit encryption - the same as your bank.

  • Jane stores your data on servers that GDPR considers appropriate for YOUR clinic location.

Where in the world does Jane store data?

The #1 question clinics ask us is: Where will Jane store my data? Jane complies with privacy laws across the world, not just GDPR. In fact, GDPR’s requirements are actually very similar to many other laws that care about the physical location where data is stored. What does that mean for you? We have servers located in multiple countries that allow us to comply with a variety of data protection laws - including GDPR. Our Customer Support can give you a hand if you have questions about which server will hold your data.

Data Protection Features

1 - Jane requires all users have a unique User ID and Password.

2 - Account owners assign Access Levels, and that role limits what data the user can access.

3 - Practitioners choose who has access to their charts with Charting Privacy Options.

4 - Easy sign-out and sign-back-in for secure use on shared devices.

5 - Fast password resetting from main login page so staff can keep passwords fresh (and more secure).

6 - Jane has options for obtaining consent for:

  • Collecting PHI
  • Treatment
  • Marketing and other purposes (Jane also has active opt-out options).

7 - You can export charts or clinical notes (and send those out for PHI requests).

8 - Sign & lock charts with a permanent timestamp that is never changed.

9 - In case of a charting error, “Amend” function fixes & keeps original chart sign & lock time/date.

10 - Jane tracks activity of each user in the Activity Log.

Our Support staff are ready to answer any other questions that come up. Let us know if you need a hand, and we can address any concerns you have that are specific to your clinic.

And if you’re interested in some more nitty gritty details on GDPR and what you can do to prepare, read these:

Still Have Questions?

Have any questions about this guide or anything else related to privacy? Feel free to email Privacy and Security Support at [email protected] and we’d love to clarify anything you’re unsure on!

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