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Working on a Shared Computer/Device

If you’re sharing a device or computer in your clinic, it’s important to sign out/sign in when leaving or arriving at the computer.

If you have multiple tabs or browser windows open in Jane, and you’re sharing a computer or device, you might find that you’re being asked to re-sign in all the time. This is usually because a different staff member hasn’t signed out somewhere along the way, and that is bumping you out of your account.

A good solution for both of these issues is to use the sign in as option.

Jane has a handy tool that allows this switch of users to be as quick as possible and also protects the privacy of your account.

When walking away from the computer, if you choose the “Sign in As” option from the drop down at the top right of your name,

Then Jane will blur out the background and bring up a screen with all your staff photos for a super quick way to re-access Jane under the correct profile.

Click on your photo and enter your password to keep working under the correct log in.

Still Have Questions?

Have any questions about this guide or anything else related to privacy or security? Feel free to email Privacy and Security Support at [email protected] or [email protected] and we’d love to clarify anything you’re unsure on!

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