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  • Security FAQ

    If you’d like to learn more about Jane’s privacy and security standards, practices, and certifications, you can head to our Security and Trust homepage to learn more.

  • List of Security Features

    When you open an account with Jane, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. These documents represent our agreement with you on how Jane will properly handle the health information for which you are the custodian.

  • Activity Log

    Most privacy and data protection regulations want individual users in electronic health record systems to be identified, and even more, they want all activity to be tracked.

  • Auto-Logout Duration

    By default, Jane asks your staff to sign in with their username and password after 1 week of inactivity, but we understand that you may want to set a different duration.

  • Email Encryption FAQ for Canada

    At Jane, we love to help people understand the technology side of things to make intelligent decisions and give customers confidence that we’re taking privacy and security very seriously. So, grab a cup of tea & get comfortable — we’d like to get into some detailed Q&A here! 🙂

  • Password Best Practices

    While we work very hard to ensure that Jane data is secure, security is everyone’s responsibility - our product and development team who build Jane, our support team who work with you, and of course, all of you! One of the best ways to ensure the security of your account is to follow best practic...

  • Security and Privacy Best Practices

    Especially with a shift to a more “online world”, privacy and security have been hot topics as of late. It’s so hard knowing if you’re secure enough and if there are any gaps that you may not be thinking about, so we wrote up this guide to go over a few best practices with Jane and in your clinic...

  • All About the New Device Sign-in Email

    While this email is meant to notify of a new device sign-in and that may feel alarming, there are a few reasons you’d receive this email outside of an attempted unauthorized sign-in. Let’s go over some of the reasons this email is triggered:

  • Phishing Safety

    While fishing may be a favourite past-time, phishing is a little bit less fun! We’ve written up this guide to help you understand what phishing is, what signs to look for, and how to keep your device secure despite any phishing attempts that may come your way.

  • What is a SOC 2 report?

    Hi there, it’s Bri from the Privacy and Security Team here at Jane. Our team is responsible for ensuring the security of your data and the privacy of your patients. In fact, it’s what our team is dedicated to thinking about all the time. And it’s not just something we prioritize within our team, ...

  • Who should be the Jane Account Owner?

    You may be wondering - who should be listed as the Account Owner? Let’s talk about Account Ownership and what that entails.

  • Receiving Support Securely

    When calling into our support line, please ensure that you do not share sensitive patient information over the phone. Should you need to share a patient example for a profile you need assistance with, please use the patient initials and patient number located in the top right corner of the profile:

  • Third Party Messaging Service FAQ

    We understand that clinics using Jane absolutely depend on reminders and notifications to ensure patients show up on the right day and the right time. A lot of care went into choosing partners to offer these services who have a reputation of securely delivering communications with zero fuss. For ...

  • How To: Reset Your Jane Password

    Finding yourself logged out of Jane? Can't remember your password or username? Here are the high-level steps to get you back on track.
  • 2-Step Verification

    By enabling 2-Step Verification on your staff profile, you’ll receive a one-time SMS code to your mobile phone that you enter in Jane each time you log in, after entering your password.

  • Staff Security Engineer

  • Cyber Security Manager

  • Cloud Security White Paper

    We've built Jane with security and privacy as our main focus. It's what drives our culture, training, and hiring processes. And shapes how we've used technology to protect and secure data.

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