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Security FAQ

If you’d like to learn more about Jane’s privacy and security standards, practices, and certifications, you can head to our Security and Trust homepage to learn more.

Where is Jane Data Stored?

Jane Data is stored on secure SOC 2-audited servers on proper data centres, depending on the location you choose for your Jane account when you sign up.

  • Canada: Montreal, Quebec
  • United States and Cayman Islands: Portland, Oregon
  • Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore: Sydney, Australia
  • UK and Europe: London, England
  • Rest of world: Montreal, Quebec

How is Jane Data Secured?

Jane Data is encrypted using 128 bit encryption when sent between your device and our servers, and stored with 256 bit encryption (in the same way as your banking information would be).

How is Jane Data Accessed?

Administrators, practitioners and patients each access Jane using their own account secured by a username and password. Account owners can control access permissions for each user, which includes control of accessing patient charts, billing records, and schedule records.

How is Jane Data Backed-up?

Jane uses mirrored database servers (which act as real-time backups) so in the unlikely event that something happens in data centre, Jane can flip over immediately to use the other database server. Jane also performs nightly off-site backups, just as an additional precautionary measure.

How is Chart Access Tracked?

Jane offers a user-activity report to account owners in which they can see a detailed breakdown of all user activity. The report can be filtered by date range, user, and type of access for regular reviews on who is accessing patient charts.

Who owns Jane Data?

There are two levels of privacy to consider with Jane. The Account Information we collect from our Account Owners to open their Jane account (such as clinic name and information and credit card number for billing) and the Patient Data that our clients collect (such as patient name, demographics, and medical information for chart entries). Our privacy policy talks about the former which you can read here.

Patient data (charts, patient profiles, appointment history etc) is always owned by you, our customer. So what that means is that Jane acts as an agent storing patient data on behalf of our customers. The account owner (you) retains ownership of all patient data.

Will my data be deleted if I cancel my Jane account?

If you cancel your Jane subscription, you will not have day-to-day access to your data and chart files, but your data will remain securely stored on our servers if you need to reactivate the account. At this time, Jane does not delete data after a subscription has been cancelled — however, we can’t commit to storing the data of a cancelled account forever.

We highly recommend Exporting Your Charts and other data before cancelling your Jane account so you can keep a copy for your records.

Why am I receiving a “Your Connection is not Secure” error message when I try to access my Jane account?

This warning comes about when someone accidentally goes to www.clinicname.janeapp.com or https//:clinicname.janeapp.com instead of just clinicname.janeapp.com.

You’ll also want to make sure that the URL entered for your Google Business profile is entered correctly as well or your clients will run into the same error message.

Though it may seem like the same website, the subtle differences are important! Unfortunately, there is no way for Jane to mark that first site as being safe, so you’ll want to make sure to head directly to the URL or website address in the following format: clinicname.janeapp.com.

Still Have Questions?

Have any questions about this guide or anything else related to security? Feel free to email Privacy and Security Support at [email protected] and we’d love to clarify anything you’re unsure on!

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