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All About the New Device Sign-in Email

You’ve just received an email saying that as a security precaution we’re letting you know about a new device signing into your profile:

So, what do you do now?

While this email is meant to notify of a new device sign-in and that may feel alarming, there are a few reasons you’d receive this email outside of an attempted unauthorized sign-in. Let’s go over some of the reasons this email is triggered:

A New Device or Browser Has Accessed Your Profile

I’m sure this one feels very obvious! While there are other causes for this email to be sent which we’ll dig into, this email will of course be triggered if you use a device or browser to access your account that you haven’t used before. Maybe you bought a new phone or you usually use Chrome but used Safari one day. Both of these situations would result in the email being sent to you.

Incognito/Private or Recently Refreshed Browser

If you’re using a Private Mode (Safari) or Incognito window (on Chrome), Jane’s cookies will be getting wiped out every time and so Jane will think that more devices are being used than are actually being used. Also if you’re in Private/Incognito mode, Jane won’t detect that the cookie has been set on a previous session and thus Jane will think that you’re using this device for the first time. In general, Jane doesn’t recommend using incognito or private tabs.

Similarly, if you’ve recently refreshed your browser by clearing out your cookies, similarly, Jane will think the device is accessing for the first time because there isn’t a history that she can track.

Upgrades and Updates

If you’ve recently upgraded your hardware or completed a major software update, these changes can trigger the new device sign-in email to be sent to you. As well, we’ve recently seen a number of instances where an unknown session appears due to anti-virus/anti-malware services running on email servers.

Still Have Concerns?

If you’ve received this email and through these tips aren’t confident that the session wasn’t triggered by you, a good first step is to reset your password just to be safe. From there, you can reach out to Privacy and Security Support at [email protected] and we can help you to investigate and ensure everything is secure.

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