Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Practitioner Profiles

  • Device & Network Recommendations

    Since Jane is a web-based application, we’ll need a connection to the internet highway. How much of a connection? Here are our recommendations for a smooth ride:

  • Using Jane on a Tablet

    The easiest way for practitioners to view Jane on their tablet is to use the Day Sheet view at the top.  Click the patient appointment once to open the chart and then again to open the appointment details pane.  It would look like this:

  • Using Jane on a Smartphone

    If you’re away from your clinic and you need to access Jane, you’re in luck: Jane works on the go too. You can access all of Jane’s features through your smartphone. Simply open your phone’s web browser and enter your clinic’s URL to load the app.

  • Booking a Break on a Mobile Device (Phone or other Small Screen)

    Let’s face it, we do a lot from our phones these days. Here’s how you can block off time on your schedule using your phone. Small screens sometimes require a bit of a design change because only so much can fit!

  • Practitioner Sign In

    Are you a customer or patient? Visit https://accounts.janeapp.com/lookup
  • Booking a Break, Vacation and Holidays on your Schedule

    You can use the Break feature to block out time in your staff calendar. This is a quick option for scheduling a day off or blocking off parts of your day.

  • Log In Help: Username and Password

    💡 Did you know you can enable 2-Step Verification on your staff profile as an extra layer of security in addition to your password? Enabling this feature means you’ll receive a one-time SMS code to your mobile phone as part of the login process. Check out our guide to learn more.

  • Chart Parts for Creating a Chart Template

    Your templates will show up in the bottom of your template list when you use the “New Chart Entry” button or “Add to Chart” function. You can create your own chart templates or, if you want to piggyback on someone else’s hard work, you can opt in to templates built by other practitioners in your ...

  • Creating a Chart Template

    If you’d like to standardize your charting or, better yet, reduce the overall time you spend charting, using Chart Templates is the way to go.

  • Employee & Contractor Taxes with Jane

    Several Jane users have asked us recently about tax reporting so we thought we’d go through this with you.

  • Helping Staff Sign In

    There’s a lot of people using Jane! There was a time when only administrative staff would work with the Clinic Management Software, but now with online booking and electronic charting you’ve got patients and practitioners in the mix too.

  • Increasing Your Fees

    When increasing the fees charged in your practice, you’ll want to give your clients some advanced notice of the change.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    That’s why there are a number of keyboard shortcuts you can use to navigate the Schedule with fewer clicks.

  • Print to PDF

    In order to print to PDF from Jane, make sure you are using Chrome on either a Mac or a PC. Then on a page that has a print button in Jane:

  • Day View: Sign and Lock Workflow

    For the lock icon to show up the treatment has to be connected to the chart entry. Which means it needs to be selected on the schedule (so the “check” needs to be displayed on the appropriate appointment)

  • Who was Cancelled/Deleted from the Schedule?

    Whether it was an “oh shoot” administrative error, or a mysterious spot you were sure used to be filled by a patient, or someone showing up in a spot where they don’t have an appointment there are a few ways to troubleshoot missing appointments.

  • Subscribing to Your Calendar (for Staff)

    Any staff member can easily add Appointments and Shifts to their calendar software by using the Private Calendar URLs listed in their staff profile.

  • Practitioner's Home Base: Day Sheets & Charts

  • Practitioner Training: Initial Signing In and Overview

  • I Can't Access my Jane Account: A Troubleshooting Guide

    If you’re looking for help resetting your username or password, that can be found here.

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