Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Creating a Chart Template

If you’d like to standardize your charting or (better yet) reduce the overall time you spend charting, using Chart Templates is essential to your day-to-day procedures.

To build a chart template, go to the Staff tab, find your profile and choose “Chart Templates”.

Chart Templates

The first thing you’ll see inside Jane’s Chart Builder is an index of templates.

The top list, titled “My Templates”, will display templates you have created and saved for your charting, and the lower list, titled “Other Templates”, displays templates that other staff at your clinic have created.

As you build your own templates, they will populate the “My Templates” section. Or, choose to use any of the templates in the lower list by checking the “Show this template” checkbox on the right-hand side of the chart index.

Building a Template

If you would like to build your own chart template, the first step is to select the “New Chart Template” button.

Next, you’ll be prompted to use the “Add Item” button to open the dropdown menu.

This button provides quick access to a list of individual charting components you can use if you want to build your own chart template piece by piece from scratch:

If instead, you want to build your chart template using previously created chart templates, you’ll want to click the Rubik’s cube icon beside the “Add Item” button, which will prompt the Add Item window to pop up:

At the top of the “Add Item” window, you can add chart templates from either:

1) Your clinic’s templates under “Templates”; or,

2) Jane’s Community Built Chart Template Library under Add from Template Library.

Once you’ve added a template, you can continue to modify it with any of the chart components you see in this window. Add a Body Chart, Check Boxes, or any other chart component that meets your individual charting needs.

Edit, Preview, and Require Each Part

Once you choose from Jane’s “Add Item” screen, you will be brought to the Chart Preview screen, which is where you can personalize your chart template through editing.

You will have the ability to:

  • Edit your chart template name via the Pencil icon;
  • Edit each component by clicking the highlighted chart part; and
  • Preview your chart template.

Let’s have a closer look at what you can do here:

1. Edit The Chart Template Name

The Chart Template Name is the name/phrase you’ll use to identify and open the chart template that matches how you want to record information on the day that a patient comes in for their appointment. To change that name, find the Pencil icon next to the phrase “New Chart Template” and click.

This will bring up an “Edit Template Name” modal in the middle of the screen.

Whatever you type in that box will instantly show up in the main preview area.

2. Edit Chart Parts

Click anywhere on your chart preview area to edit the specific chart part (you’ll notice Jane highlights the selection).

An “Edit” menu will show up in the middle of your screen. Here, you can edit your chart Label (the Label is a name/phrase that will always show up on the top of each section of your chart), choose the best file size for your chart, and even swap out the body chart with any image of your choice.

When you change the chart Label, it’s different from changing the Chart Name. Here, our Chart Name is “Initial Visit Body Chart”, and the chart Label is “Pencil Sketch of Body”:

3. The Required Toggle.

You also have the ability to require **certain parts of your chart to be completed before signing off on the entry.

Select the toggle to the right to set this specific component to be Required (or completed) prior to signing.

If you happen to miss one of these required sections when charting for a patient, Jane will let you know with an alert upon selecting the “Sign” button. All you’ll need to do is complete the section in red, and you’ll be back on track!

4. Preview Your Changes in Real-Time

This example is for the Body Chart, but the process holds true for any of the components you want to add to your chart templates. As you build them out, you will add images, checkboxes, type words, and make your edits from the “Edit” menu for each Chart Part, and Jane will show you in real-time in the Preview area what your chart will look like. Handy!

If you’d like to see a list and breakdown of all the elements you can use to build your own template, have a look here: Chart Parts for Creating a Chart Template.