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Creating a Chart Template

If you’d like to standardize your charting or, better yet, reduce the overall time you spend charting, using Chart Templates is the way to go.

To build a Chart Template, go to the Staff tab, find your Profile, and click on the Chart Templates tab.

Chart Templates

The first thing you’ll see inside Jane’s Chart Builder is an index of templates.

The top list, titled “My Templates”, will display templates you have created and saved for your charting, and the lower list, titled “Other Templates”, displays templates that other staff at your clinic have created.

As you build your own templates, they will populate the “My Templates” section. Or, choose to use any of the templates in the lower list by sliding over the toggle next to it.

This area is where you can also view the Chart Template Library.

This library is populated by other clinics that use Jane, and have graciously shared their charts for other users to be inspired by, use and/or edit to their liking. Who knows, you may even be able to find some colleagues charts by searching for their name & business and utilize their charts as well.

Building a Template

If you would like to build your own Chart Template, the first step is to select the + New Chart Template button.

Next, you can use the Add Item button to open the dropdown menu.

This button provides quick access to a list of individual charting components you can use to build your own Chart Template piece by piece:

If you want to build your Chart Template by modifying an existing template, you’ll want to click the grid icon beside the Add Item button.

At the top of the “Add Item” window, you can add chart templates from either:

1) Your clinic’s templates under “Templates”; or,

2) Jane’s Community Built Chart Template Library under “Add from Template Library”.

Once you’ve added a template, you can continue to modify it with any of the chart components you see in this window. Add a Body Chart, Check Boxes, or any other chart component that meets your individual charting needs.

Edit, Preview, or Require Each Part

Once you choose from Jane’s “Add Item” screen, you will be brought to a preview screen where you can edit, personalize, and build your template.

You can:

  • Use the Pencil Icon to change the template’s name
  • Click on each Chart Item to edit the heading and add standard text

Let’s have a closer look at what you can do here:

1. Edit The Chart Template Name

The Chart Template Name is the name you’ll use to identify and open the template when you go to chart on a client. To change that name, click the Pencil icon next to New Chart Template.

Type the new name into the Edit box and hit Done.

2. Edit Chart Items

Click anywhere on a specific chart item to open up that item’s Edit menu.

Here, you can edit the Label that appears above this item, add some standard text, and even swap out the body chart with any image of your choice if you’d like! If you’re using Smart Options and Narratives, this is where you would create that as well.

3. The Toggles

Some Chart Items will have toggles that give you different options for how that item will behave when you’re charting

  • Include Notes will add a note box after each item (ex. checkboxes, drop-down menus) to allow you to provide more information.
  • Hide unused fields after signing will make any item that wasn’t needed in the chart entry disappear when you sign it.
  • Required will make it impossible to sign off on a note without that item being filled out.

If you’d like to see a list and breakdown of all the elements you can use to build your own template, have a look here: Chart Items for Creating a Chart Template.

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