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Files Area in Chart

Often you’ve uploaded something to a client’s chart, and you’re just looking for a quick way to find and review the upload.


There’s an area in every patient’s profile called “Files” where you can conveniently review all uploads with a preview of the document. You can also jump to that chart entry or add new uploads to the chart. Let’s take a look at the different ways that the Files area can help!

Your files will default as thumbnails in a grid (as seen in the above screenshot) or you can toggle to a list view.

Uploading Files

You can choose to upload files here in the Files area, and you can make several changes to how that file is stored.

One of the best features about the Files Upload area is you can upload multiple files at once by selecting them all from your saved files on your device and dragging and dropping them into the upload area.

Then, either drag and drop them into the upload area, or use the select the “New File/Image” button to use the file finder tool.

File Options

Once you’ve uploaded the file, you have a few options for the settings on the file.

There are two very important toggles that you can access either at the time of upload (if you are uploading a single entry at a time) or through the Edit pencil icon.

Here’s how that edit screen looks:

By default, anything uploaded here is NOT INCLUDED IN THE OFFICIAL MEDICAL RECORD and will not be exported if the official chart is exported.

If you want your upload to be included in the medical chart, be sure to toggle on that option. And if you want the upload to be visible by clients in the patient portal, you can toggle that on here as well.

Grey means OFF and green means ON.

You can learn much more about the patient portal here.

To access the edit menu, either after the initial upload or if you’re uploading multiple files at once, use the pencil button.

Or from the list view, click on an image to view, and then choose the pencil icon from there:

Signing a Chart

If you upload the document, and you do want it added as part of the official chart record, Jane will upload the document as a draft entry. It will need to be reviewed and signed either by the appropriate practitioner or by whomever uploaded the document.

Hop over to the chart tab to either review and sign or to assign the chart to the appropriate practitioner.

Learn more about uploading, reviewing, and signing off on results by clicking here!.

The guide document above gives you some tips about how to best manage uploads like scans, reports or results that should be reviewed by a practitioner.


There’s some handy icons on each upload that can give you some helpful information about the documents you’re seeing.

There’s an eye icon and a lock icon.

The eye icon denotes one of two states:

  • Crossed Out: The eye with the line through it means that the upload is NOT visible to the client in the patient portal.

  • Complete: The complete eye means that the upload IS available in the patient’s portal to view.

Learn more about how a patient can view any uploaded documents in their patient portal here: Patient Portal.

The lock icon denotes three possible states:

  • Absent: If it is not there at all, then the upload is NOT part of the official chart record. This is because you have uploaded the document here in the files area and chosen not to enable the toggle to include this upload as part of the official medical chart. Any uploads here without that icon will not show up in the full chart and will not be included as part of the chart export. These are admin only documents.

  • Unlocked: An unlocked padlock means that the upload is attached to an unlocked chart entry (a draft). It is part of the official medical chart, but is in draft form and needs to be reviewed and signed.

  • Locked: The locked padlock means the the upload is part of a locked chart entry (already signed).

Extra Image Menu

The final options for the uploads are found in the same menu as the edit option. You can edit the image settings, download the original document, or jump to the associated chart entry.


The final piece of info about the files area is around who can see what! Jane’s privacy settings around uploads will behave in the same way as those of other chart entries. All settings will respect the privacy and sharing settings of the person logged in.

Read more about privacy and access levels here.

Final Notes

And because I know it will be asked! Some things that aren’t currently available, but we know would be helpful to you! We don’t currently have the ability to filter documents to those that are administrative only (i.e. ones that are not part of the official chart). We are starting with this current feature set and will continue to work on improving Jane in all ways all the time!

The best way to find these entries would be to flip to the list view and scan for ones that have no lock icon. And while you can still search from the main chart, there isn’t a search option in this files are yet. You can flip to the list view and work with your browser search tool in a pinch (Command + F on a Mac, and Control + F on a PC).

Final Pro Tip - for even better document and chart management, review our other guide document on Pinning and Starring Charts