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Deleting, Moving or Changing a Chart

Making Changes to a Chart Entry

There are a few scenarios that pop up where a chart needs some attention. Jane has a few ways to work with your chart entries, while also remaining compliant with general charting regulations. These regulations typically require original entries to remain legible and all changes to a signed chart to be documented and dated.

Feel free to scroll through this guide to learn more, or jump to each section below:

Changing the Patient

So long as you are the chart author, you will have the ability to change the patient within a chart entry whether the chart is locked/signed or still in draft form. We know that things are moving quickly in clinics and that sometimes charts can be created under the wrong patient. Luckily, there’s a simple way to move the entry to the correct patient.

This can be done by clicking the cog icon at the bottom of the chart and then selecting the Change Patient button.

Jane will leave a record that the entry was moved, and where it was moved to.

Changing the Author

From time to time, more than one staff member will need to add information to the same chart entry. We see this in cases where, for example, a technician needs to add their findings to the chart before the doctor completes it, or a supervisor needs to sign off on a completed chart entry of a practicing therapist.

In such cases, Jane allows any Full Access user or the current author of the chart entry to transfer draft charts to another staff member. They can select the cog icon at the bottom of the chart and then select the Change Author.

You can learn more about our Supervisor Sign Off workflow in our guide document here.

Making an Amendment

If you need to correct or change your chart entry that was already signed and locked, you will need to make an amendment.

As the chart author, you will find the Amend button in the bottom right-hand corner of the chart.

Once selected, Jane will copy the chart section and you can proceed with making changes as needed.

Again, this feature is designed to comply with charting regulations. You’ll see that Jane leaves the original entries visible and dates the amendment.

Archiving Drafts and Deleting Signed Charts

When archiving draft charts or deleting signed charts, it’s important to note who the owner of the chart is, and the status of the chart.

  • Chart authors will be able to archive chart drafts and delete their own signed entries; and,
  • The account owner will have the ability to also delete staff-authored charts and patient-authored entries such as intake forms and surveys.

Let’s review archiving drafts and deleting signed charts in more detail below.

1. Archiving a Draft chart note

ONLY the Chart authors can archive their draft charts. In the below example, you’ll see that the entry is a Draft and that it belongs to Susan Lo.

To archive a chart draft, Susan can open up her chart, click the cog icon at the bottom, and then select Archive Chart Draft from the drop-down menu.

Jane will also allow you to easily recover a draft chart if you archived it in error by filtering your charts to “Archived Drafts” and selecting the Unarchive button.

This is not true when deleting a signed chart, which permanently deletes the chart from Jane. Let’s take a closer look at deleting signed charts below.

2. Deleting a Signed Chart

While uncommon, there are times when a signed chart entry may need to be deleted. As legal requirements vary among disciplines and regions, we encourage users to review any obligations to retaining patient records prior to deleting an entry.

As mentioned before, charts can be moved and amended as needed.

Deleting a chart in Jane is equivalent to shredding a paper chart. The deleted note cannot be recovered or undeleted as it is gone forever. Only the Account owner or chart author can delete charts.

When deleting a chart entry, select the cog icon at the bottom of the entry, and click Delete Chart Entry in the dropdown menu.

Delete chart entry option will only be seen on signed chart notes. Draft chart notes will have an Archive chart entry option.

When the Delete Chart Entry option is selected, Jane will then prompt the chart author or account owner to type the case-sensitive word “DELETE” into the confirmation field. Only until this is entered accurately will the Delete button become selectable. One final click on the red Delete button and the chart will be deleted permanently.

As an Account Owner, you’ll be able to use your Activity Log in Jane to review charts that have been deleted. The Activity Log includes the Practitioner’s name as well as the date and time the chart was deleted.

If you have any questions about this or are running into any trouble please let us know!

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