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Supervisor Sign Off

With many clinics working with practicum students, or practitioners who haven’t received their full license yet (‘Practicing Therapists’), we’d like to share how to have the Supervising Practitioner review and sign off on those chart entries.

Let’s assume that the practicing therapist’s access level is set to Practitioner (Limited), and that the Supervising Therapist has a higher access level – Practitioner (Front Desk) or higher.

The Practicing Therapist has seen their client and completed their draft chart (left as ‘unsigned’).

From here, the Supervisor can then review the Practising Therapist’s Day Sheet to see any draft charts that require review.

Here’s how to navigate to the Practising Therapist’s Day Sheet:

We do recommend that the Supervisor add the “Supervisor Sign-off” chart template to their chart templates section of their profile from the Template Library. Of course, if they prefer, the Supervisor can also create their own supervisor sign-off template: please visit our guide on Creating Chart Templates if that’s of interest.

Next, the ball is in the Supervisor’s court. The Supervising Practitioner can then add their separate “Supervisor Sign off” chart to the client’s charting area, and make any notes as necessary.

Finally, it is important to be sure that the Practicing Therapist has access to the Supervising Practitioner’s charts. This is so that the Practising Therapist can review the chart entry of their client and any changes that had been made by the Supervisor. This can be done via the Supervisor’s Shared Chart Privacy Settings. The Supervisor will need to share their charts with the Practising Therapist.

I’d like to add an extra signature box to my chart template. Where can I find this?

Jane has added a Signature line as a chart part tool. Simply open up your chart template, select “Add Item” and choose the Signature from the menu. You can find our handy guide on all of Jane’s chart parts here.

To learn more about creating a chart template, click here.

I require that the supervisor’s signature be on the Practising Therapist’s entry versus on a separate entry. Is there a way for the Practising Therapist and the Supervisor to co-sign the chart entry?

Given that each regulatory body and discipline has its own unique recommendations, you will want to check with them before using the “Change Chart Author” option.

It’s important to note that one of the core features of Jane’s charts is that, on a device, only the staff member logged in can edit chart notes authored by that same staff member. In other words, the staff member/Practising Therapist listed in the top right corner has to match the name of the staff member/Practising Therapist listed as the author of the chart note to edit or sign that note.

This is an incredibly important security feature as practitioners who can see each other’s chart notes should not be able to edit or modify their colleague’s charts in practice (for which Jane was primarily built).

Consequently, this can make it difficult to have a Practising Therapist create a chart entry on their device (logged in as a Practising Therapist) and have a staff member add their signature to it from another device (logged in as a supervisor).

While there isn’t a direct feature to co-sign charts, this is where the “Change Chart Author” feature comes into play. If the Practising Therapist is at a Practitioner/Front Desk access level or higher the Account Owner, Full Access User, or current chart author will be able to change the chart author to the supervisor which will allow them to edit the chart entry and add their signature from another device (logged in as a supervisor).

For clinics who have their Practising Therapists at a Practitioner (Limited) access level, and have decided that they’d like their supervisor’s editing and signing charts from their own device, Full Access users will need to be the ones who change the author of the chart to themselves if they wish to modify/add their signature to the chart from a different device.

If the supervisor simply wants to use the Practising Therapists device to sign off on the chart or make comments then no chart author changes need to take place.

Example: I am a Practising Therapist at the clinic, I finish my chart note and walk my tablet/device over to my supervisor who reads my note and adds their signature to my chart. I then sign the note as the student.

Of course, feel free to customize the workflow to your clinic’s specific needs/ requirements. For example, who clicks the “sign” button, in the end, will be dependant on your clinic’s preference.

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