Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Adding a Signature to Charts

When you sign off on a chart entry using the “Sign and Lock” feature, Jane will date and time stamp your entry.

If when you print or export your charts you’d like there to be a physical signature included as well, you can add your signature on your Staff Profile.

Creating your Signature

You can create this file either by signing your name on a piece of paper and then taking a picture of it (just make sure the photo doesn’t include a huge amount of “white space” around the signature. So when you take the photo, try to stay quite close to the signature.

Alternately you can create an electronic version using a site like Online Signature.

Adding your Signature to Jane

From you Staff Profile click the “edit” button to get to some extra options. Head to the “Settings” tab:

There you’ll find a field in which you can upload your signature:

Once you’ve uploaded the signature you’ll see a preview of the image. If you don’t see anything then try a different file type.

Then click “save” at the bottom of your profile.

When Exported

When you export a chart it will look something like this:

Happy signing!

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