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Who was Cancelled/Deleted from the Schedule?

Whether it was an “oh shoot” administrative error, or a mysterious spot you were sure used to be filled by a patient, or someone showing up in a spot where they don’t have an appointment there are a few ways to troubleshoot missing appointments.

1a. From the Schedule

Click the cogwheel icon at the bottom right of the page to pull up the Schedule Settings window.

Then slide the toggles to the right next to the “Cancelled” and “Deleted” appointment types and note that you can return to this area to adjust what’s displayed anytime.

Click on the appointment for more details. The History & Status area at the bottom of the appointment panel records who deleted or cancelled an appointment, who rescheduled or moved an appointment, and when other changes were made and by whom.

1b. From the Schedule List View

You can also check for cancelled/deleted appointments from the main Schedule via the little button at the top right of the Schedule view.

This switches the schedule to a list view. You can use the filter to look for just a certain type of appointment, or see all the activity from a single practitioner’s day.

Likewise, click on any cancelled or deleted appointment to view its details under the “History & Status” area.

2. Appointment Report

If you want to see the information from a report you can get all the details in an Appointment Report if you have full access. Run the report for the date and therapist you want to investigate.

Find the Report in the Report Tab.

3. Patient Profile

Finally, if you’re wondering about a specific patient’s appointment that isn’t showing up where they think it should be, you can see everything about that patient’s bookings, whether they were not confirmed, cancelled, deleted or booked in their Profile. Go to their Profile and then to their “Appointments” tab.

Again, use the filter to choose “all” or the type of appointment you’re looking for.

The other place on the patient profile that is really handy in investigating appointment mysteries is the “Messages” tab.

There, you can see if the patient was emailed any booking or reminder notifications about the appointment in question.

I hope this helps you solve the mystery!

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