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Icons on the Schedule

Ever wondered what those little icons mean in the corner of your appointments? These show us some important details about the visit at a glance. Let’s walk through them together.

💬 Speech Bubble

A speech bubble icon means that there is a note on this appointment, either added administratively or by your patient when they were booking online. To read the note, you can hover your cursor over the icon or check out the Notes section in the appointment panel.

💲Dollar Sign

The dollar sign lets you know that an Arrived appointment has been paid for or that there is no patient amount owing; this could either be because the treatment is $0 or because insurance is expected to pay the full amount.

An appointment with the dollar sign icon will also turn dark green on the schedule, helping you to see at a glance which visits have been paid. The dark green colour can be toggled on and off by clicking on the cogwheel ⚙️ in the lower right corner of your Schedule, and then toggling off Differentiate Paid and Arrived States.

💼 Briefcase

The briefcase icon means that an insurance policy has been added to an appointment.

📹 Video Camera

A video camera icon helps you keep track of any online appointments in your schedule.

🎁 Gift Box

When a package has been applied to an appointment, this is indicated by the gift box icon.

🪪 ID Badge

This ID badge icon comes up when a treatment has a membership applied.

☁️ Cloud

You’ll see this cloud icon on appointments that were booked online by your patient or client.

👥 Group

A group of people icon means that this is — you guessed it! — a group appointment.

👤 Person

If you’ve enabled self check-in and a patient has checked in online, the person icon will show up on the left of the appointment. The appointment will also turn light green!

🔓Open Lock

The open lock icon indicates that a chart has been started for this appointment but not yet signed. Heads up — this icon only shows up when you are viewing your schedule from the Day View.

🔒Closed Lock

When you’ve completed and signed a chart for an appointment, the lock will close. Just like the open lock icon above, you’ll need to be in your Day View to see it.

🎀 Ribbon

Finally, you may come across an appointment that is wrapped up in a bow. That is because your patient has chosen to spend their birthday with you! 🎉 This shows up only if their birthday falls on the exact day of their appointment.

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