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Setting up Treatments

Jane’s default is to call the services a clinic offers ‘Treatments’, but you can customize this depending on what you call the services you offer your clients. This guide to Customizing Jane (under ‘Terminology’) tells you how you can change Jane’s default language.

Now, as for actually setting up your Treatments… Jane’s got even more choices for you. If you’re a Full Access user, to create or add a new appointment type you can head into your Settings and choose Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments ** from the list on the left. Click the **New Treatment button in the top, righthand corner (or the Edit button next to an existing Treatment) to get started.

💡 Jane tip: If you’re creating multiple treatments that are similar, check out the section below on duplicating treatments to save some time.

If you ever decide you no longer want that Treatment in your list, you can Archive it and Jane will tuck it away for you.

Feel free to jump to a section below:

Appointment Type

The first thing you’ll need to choose is whether this appointment type is a One-on-One, Class, or Group Appointment using the dropdown menu. If you choose Class or Group Appointment, you’ll be able to select the Capacity (number of participants) using the next dropdown below.

Classes are for multiple unrelated clients, like a yoga or Pilates class. For more on Class Bookings, head here: Class Booking.

Group Appointments are for multiple (often related) clients joining a session together, like a Family Counselling session. To learn more about Group Appointments, head here: Group Appointments.

Finally, let Jane know if this is an In-Person or Online Appointment. If you choose Online, Jane will automatically send your client or clients a link to join the video call 1-hour before their appointment.

Jane offers 1:1 Online Appointments, which are included in all accounts, and Online Appointments for Groups as an optional paid add-on.

Discipline & Staff Member

Select the Discipline (type of practitioner) that will be offering this Treatment.

Next, you can choose the Staff member that will be offering it. If you select No Staff Member (Shared Treatment) then any Staff member of that Discipline will be able to choose to offer this Treatment. If you specify one practitioner, it will only appear under their name.

This will affect how your Online Booking page appears to your clients and how your Staff view their Treatments in their Staff Profile.

🖥️ Online Booking

Available on the Practice and Thrive Plans

If you leave your Treatments as a Shared Treatment (no staff member specified), they will all appear under their Discipline heading on your Online Booking page.

If you specify a Staff Member for a Treatment, that Treatment will not appear under its Discipline heading on the Online Booking page. It will only be visible when a client chooses that specific practitioner.

For this reason, we generally recommend leaving Treatments as Shared Treatments if you use Online Booking (even if only one person offers it!)

When offering online booking to your customers, you will want to know all of your options so we’ve created a handy guide to break those options down: Choosing What is Offered Online.

🙂 Staff Profiles

To see this in action, head into the Staff Profile of someone in the Discipline that you created the Treatment for.

If you have specified them as a Staff Member on any Treatments, those will appear at the top of their Treatments and Classes list under My Treatments.

If you haven’t, you’ll only see a list of Shared Treatments that you can toggle on if they are offering that Treatment (or off if they’re not!).


Continuing filling in all the details you need to identify the treatment, including Treatment Length, Scheduled Length, Price, and Income Category. You can pick specific colours for your cash versus insurance appointments, in-person versus telehealth sessions and so on, changing how they would appear on the admin Schedule!

Pro Tip: You can set your Scheduled Length shorter or longer than the Treatment Length in order to allow for staggered booking or clinic-wide post-treatment breaks. You can learn more about Setting Up Staggered Appointments and Setting Up Post Treatment Breaks in our handy guides.

Treatment Colours

Just below the Details section is where you get to choose the colours of your treatments. These colours are handy for differentiate the treatment types at a glance 🎨

We have 10 different colours to choose from:

You can use the same colour for multiple appointment types as well. Finding the colours hard to differentiate in your schedule? No problem. We’ve now added an accessibility mode in your schedule settings. Click on the blue View colours in accessibility mode text to preview what this looks like on the schedule:

Check out our guide on Accessibility in Jane to learn more about using accessibility mode in the schedule.

These colours are displayed on the administrative side of your Jane account only. To customize how your online booking site appears, check out our guide doc on Branding You Online Booking Page for more tips and tricks!

Online Booking Settings

Last but not least, if you’re using Online booking, you can choose how you’d like this Treatment to be displayed for your clients.

Call to book means that clients will be able to see the appointment availability online, but will have to call you to have you book it for them on the admin Schedule. It gives you a little bit of extra control over your Online Booking.

Don’t forget to hit Create Treatment and you’re good to go!

Duplicating Treatments

If you’re creating multiple treatments that are pretty similar, then you can make one and duplicate it to speed up the process. This is great for treatments that share most of the same settings but just need a few tweaks, like 30, 60, and 90-minute massages, for example.

From Settings > Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments, click the Duplicate button next to the treatment you’d like to copy.

Next, you can make any changes to the duplicated treatment. It will have exactly the same settings as the original, except for the words “copy of” before the treatment name, which you can edit.

Once you’ve made your changes, just click the Save button.

If you need a hand with your treatments, let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.

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