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Step 2: Disciplines

There are 5 basic steps that are required to get your Jane account up and running:

Set Up Task Complete
Clinic Information 🥳
Disciplines ✍️

Set Up Step 2: Disciplines

Next, you’ll want to set up your discipline(s). This is where you let Jane know your area of practice.

Disciplines are used to group your staff throughout your account. The online booking site is organized by discipline, the staff columns in the main schedule can be grouped by discipline, and most of the reporting throughout Jane can be filtered by discipline.

Still under Settings in the top menu, scroll down on the left side bar and click into the Disciplines tab. Create a “New Discipline” using the blue button in the top right.

Here’s a quick video that covers the steps:

Note: Speed up or slow down the video speed using the ⚙️ button inside the video player!

Discipline Set Up Tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while completing this information:

Description: The discipline description area is displayed in your online booking pages. You can complete this description area now, or come back to complete this at a later time. You’ll have access to Edit this description at anytime once created.

The description area is where you can describe the benefits of this type of treatment and your unique approach.

Here’s an example of a discipline description on our Demo Clinic online booking site:

Make sure to click Create Discipline at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Note: After setting up your Disciplines, you’ll need to let Jane know which staff members offer this type of therapy. You can assign staff members to a Discipline in the “Staff” tab. We will cover the steps to assigning staff members to a Discipline category in Set Up Step 4.

👏Nice going! You’ve completed account set up Step 2!

Head on over to your account and mark step 2 as complete. Next up, Step 3.

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