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Practitioner Step 1: Practitioner Training

Practitioners, Welcome to Jane!

Of course, we’re so happy that you’ve joined the Jane community, and hopefully, you are too! We know that you’re probably super eager to hit the ground running and start helping your clients, but we gotta learn how to walk first before we can run. 🏃 Here’s a quick list of the essential setup tasks that you’ll need to complete so that you can begin booking appointments, and charting in Jane.

On your mark…get set…go!

There are 5 basic steps that are required to get your Jane account up and running:

Set Up Task Complete
Practitioner Training ✍️
Online Booking

Set Up Step 1: General Set Up

Within our general set up, we’ll be covering a few things that we think are really important for you to know. Those include:

  • Browser and device combinations that work best with Jane.
  • Creating your unique login and signing into the administrative side of Jane.
  • Important staff settings.
  • Subscribing to your calendar.
  • Bookmarking your clinic Day View on your devices; and,
  • Learning how to navigate the schedule view.

Watch the video below to learn about each of these topics:

Note: Speed up or slow down the video speed using the ⚙️ button inside the video player!


Or, if you’re more of the reading type, let’s grab a cup of tea or coffee and walk through each of these important sections together.☕

Which browser and device combinations work best with Jane?

Jane works best with Chrome on a desktop computer or laptop, and on a tablet or smartphone, you’ll want to use the default browser, that’s going to be Safari on an iPhone or iPad and Chrome on your android device.

It’s important that you work with one of these devices we recommend so you can have the best experience with Jane. That’s just because the language Jane works in is optimized for these specific browsers and device combinations. Of course, they’ll still load, but for the smoothest experience, this is what we recommend.

If you’re curious about other browser and device combinations or would like to read more, you can visit our detailed guide document here: Browser & Devices

Signing in to the Administrative Side of Jane as a Practitioner

Before you’re able to sign in to the administrative side of Jane for the first time, you’ll want to find your clinic’s Welcome Email in your inbox. This would have been sent to you by a full access user or your Clinic Manager. It may look something like this:

You can click Set Up Your Account to create a unique username and password, and then Jane will require that you enter your phone number in the next window before continuing.

There are two possible scenarios that will occur from here:

1) You’ll be sent directly to the administrative side of Jane. This will occur if your Clinic Manager has already assigned you to a discipline; or,

2) You’ll end up in your Client Profile, also known as My Account.

If you find yourself in your My Account, you can go ahead and click View your Schedule or View your Staff Profile. These two buttons act as the bridge between your My Account and the administrative side of Jane.

Once clicked, you’ll be brought over to the administrative side of Jane.

Staff Settings

Begin by navigating to your staff profile by selecting Staff in the top blue bar. Click your name from the list of staff members to the left, click Edit/Settings > Settings.

  • Locations: you’ll want to ensure the location you practice at is checked off. You can select multiple locations if you treat at more than one.
  • Notification Preferences: if you check this box, then you will be notified by email of any new, canceled, or rescheduled appointments. Note that a notification will not be sent if you book the appointment yourself.
  • Post Treatment Time: if you offer a unique post-treatment time, you can set a post-treatment time here, which will override the treatment length set up under Settings.
  • Privacy and Sharing: whether you’re interested in sharing your charts with another practitioner, or keeping your charts private, we have a great guide document here that will walk through your different options.
  • Signature: upload or drag & drop a physical signature to show up on your charts and receipts.
  • Teleplan: for our Canadian insurance users 🇨🇦, this is where you can enter your Teleplan practitioner number.

Subscribe Jane to your Calendar

Within your main staff profile view, you’ll find the option to the right to subscribe your clinic calendar to your Google Cal or iCal.

You can learn more by visiting this guide here.

By default, Jane will ensure that only your clients’ first names and last initial will be visible on your outside calendar and email notifications. However, if you wanted to change that to another option, you can do that by selecting Edit/Settings > Settings and then scroll down to your Privacy and Sharing section.

Bookmarking Your Clinic Day View on Your Devices

Nice work so far! The next thing you’ll want to do as a practitioner is bookmark your Day View. Your bookmarked page will be yourclinicname.janeapp.com/admin#today

It can also be quite handy to have Jane bookmarked on your phone’s homepage as well. You can visit this guide doc here to learn how to use Jane on a smartphone.

Why Does My Jane Bookmark Always Take Me to Past Date Instead of Today on the Schedule?

This can be a tricky one! This means the schedule page originally bookmarked was in a previous date’s view as opposed to today’s view.

To update your bookmark, you’ll want to head over to the Schedule tab in your Jane account, then click on the Today button at the bottom of the page or use the navigational arrows to toggle to today’s date.

The browser URL should be: clinicname.janeapp.com/admin#schedule/today

Next, you’ll create a new bookmark for this page. Here’s a guide on How to Bookmark Web Pages that walks through the steps in a bit more detail.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure to delete the old bookmark to avoid any confusion. Here’s a guide on How to Delete a bookmark that walks through the steps on different browsers.

Schedule view

Learning how to navigate your schedule from the schedule tab can be important if you’d like to see your appointments a week at a time, or if you’d like to skip ahead by month to a future date, or to find an appointment that has passed.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Schedule, we have a more in-depth lesson in our Jane University Practitioner Training Course.

👏 Right on! You’ve completed Step 1!

Head on over to your account and mark step 1 as complete. Next up, Step 2.

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