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Practitioner Step 5: Charting

There are 5 basic steps required to get your Jane account up and running:

Set Up Task Complete
Practitioner Training 🥳
Treatments 🥳
Shifts 🥳
Online Booking 🥳
Charting ✍️

Set Up Step 5: Charting

That’s right, we saved the best for last. Let’s dive into all the amazing things Jane has to offer in order for you to chart as efficiently as possible. Jane lets you create customizable chart notes to fit your practice and your treatment style.

Here’s a quick video that covers how to navigate the main charting area in Jane, and how to make use of one of our community’s favorite features: Chart Templates.

Note: Speed up or slow down the video speed using the ⚙️ button inside the video player!

📚 Additional Charting Resources

We have so many other great resources not mentioned in this video, so we wanted to share those with you here:

  • Chart parts for creating a chart template: to get more familiar with the tools you have to build your charts.
  • Phrases: you can create your own unique Phrases for faster charting using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Charting Basics and the Practitioner Day View: Our very own Jane University training course to help get you better acquainted with navigating the charting area in Jane including your Practitioner Day View and how to create chart templates.
  • Charting Tips & Tricks: Here’s another Jane University favorite to help advance your skills in order to get the most out of Jane’s charting features: Duplicating notes, medical alerts, sharing notes with your clients, and more!
  • Charting for Classes and Group Appointments: Learn how to quickly copy a signed chart entry to all participants of a Class or Group Appointment (i.e., family or couples therapy).

🙌 You did it, and we had no doubt in our mind that you’d do an amazing job!

You’ve completed the last set up step, and your account is now ready to begin booking appointments and charting.

🎓 JaneU Training

Now that you’re well acquainted with Jane, how about taking things up a notch? Click the link below to get started with your first Jane University lesson:

Practitioner Training Lesson 1: The Schedule

Our online training lessons include all things Jane where you can watch videos, read up on tips and tricks, try out workflow activities in our Demo site, and self-test with quizzes.

If everything is going smoothly - wonderful! Just know that we are available via email ([email protected]) or phone (1-844-310-JANE) for support.

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