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Use Phrases For Faster Charting

Create Phrases for faster charting!

This handy feature allows you to create a shortcut for a set of words, sentences, or even lists that will auto-populate when you use a keyboard shortcut in a chart entry.

You could create a shortcut for your most commonly used exercise prescriptions, symptoms, assessments, areas of treatment, medications…the options are endless! You can even give these some fancy formatting if you’d like.

Here are a couple of examples of how that will work:

Quickly fill in sentences ⤵️

Or add in big chunks of commonly used instructions, resources, or follow-up plans ⤵️

Here’s how to get started!

Adding Phrases to Jane

Phrases are added directly to each staff profile.

Get started by heading over to your Staff Profile, and select the Phrases tab.

Next, click the Add new phrase button and then enter:

  1. The shortcut name (the name should start with either a letter or number, no symbols/punctuation such as commas or exclamation points)
  2. The phrase you’d like this to expand into

It is important to note Jane’s Phrases are specific to each practitioner and can only be used in the charting area. If you’d like to share your shortcuts, feel free to export them and email them to a colleague.

Jane Tip: If you are new to shortcuts, start with a common phrase used every day.

For example, if you would like to note that a session was completed via telehealth, create a shortcut called telehealth which will expand into “This was a virtual session and was conducted using Jane’s Online Appointments.” this could be helpful.

Importing Shortcuts to Jane

We previously recommended the chrome extension Autotext Expander, however, their newest version isn’t compatible with Jane. If you have previously used this extension, check out our document to help export the shortcuts from Autotext Expander and import then into Jane: Export/Import From Autotext Expander.

Please note that if you started your shortcuts in Autotext Expander with a . or another symbol - you can just skip the symbol when using Jane’s phrases. For example if you import a shortcut as .ice you would just type /ice when using that shortcut in Jane’s charts.

How to Access Phrases while Charting

To access your phrases in a chart entry, click the “/” button on your keyboard and then search for the phrase shortcut.

You’ll be able to search by shortcut name, or by a part of the phrase to pull up your list of shortcuts. When you are ready, click the enter button or the symbol to add the entire phrase to your entry.

Phrases can be as short or as long as you’d like!


Do you have any pre-made shortcuts?

Not at this time. The Jane community encompasses so many different allied health professionals who may use this in their own unique way.

Can I make a phrase in real time? While I am typing out a chart?

Yes, you can make a phrase in real-time while charting! You just need to highlight the word or text while in your chart and then choose Save as Phrase and Jane will let you create a Phrase on the fly.

Can I share my shortcuts?

Yes! To share your shortcuts, you can click the export button which will download a file that you can pass on to a colleague or friend.

Can I import a CSV file?

No, however, check out this handy tool that allows you to convert your CSV file into a JSON file. CSV to JSON

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