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Charting for a Past Date

It’s important to note that while you can adjust or change the date of the chart entry to reflect the date of service, you cannot backdate the date and time of the “signed at” stamp. To comply with charting regulations, Jane will accurately record and display the date and time that the chart entry was signed.

You can, however, change the date of the chart entry to reflect the actual date of the visit in two ways.

From an Appointment

If you chart from your daysheet view, Jane will automatically link the chart entry to that date of service. Choose a previous visit that you would like to chart for and click on it, and you’ll see a check box on the appointment.

You can add a chart entry from here by clicking New Chart Entry and Jane will date the entry to that date.

Manual Override

If you are adding entries from the Patient Tab you can alter the date manually.

If the chart is still a draft, meaning you have not signed it yet, just click the date in the top-left corner of the chart, and you will get a date picker:

If the chart has already been signed, click the “Amend Chart” button at the bottom of the chart:

In “Amend” mode, you will be also be able to click the date at the top-left of the chart and use the date picker to choose the date you want. And remember, when you change the date of a signed chart, the new date of the chart will NOT change the date and time that the chart was signed.

Hope that helps and happy charting ;)

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